Brickman Awesome

Our all-new fully interactive LEGO® brick exhibition which is all about things which are amazing, unique, record-breaking or just plain awesome! You’ve never seen LEGO® like this before!

Marking Ryan’s third exhibition made entirely from LEGO® bricks, Brickman Awesome will showcase the tallest LEGO® model in the Southern Hemisphere – a NASA SLS rocket standing at a whopping 7.5m tall and built from more than 450,000 bricks!
Taking more than 500 hours to create, Ryan has pushed LEGO® building boundaries by installing an in-built lighting system giving the effect that the rocket is blasting off into space.

The exhibition will be made up of 38 never-seen-before LEGO® models, totalling more than 1.5 million bricks and clocking up more than 4,500 hours of build-time! Brickman Awesome will also showcase the only life-sized LEGO® Harley Davidson ever made and the largest ever LEGO® Caterpillar 797 dump truck! Adding to the awesome-ness is a full-sized LEGO® Australian saltwater crocodile, weighing over 60kgs and built using more than 40,000 LEGO® bricks!

If that’s not awesome enough, visitors will be forgiven for thinking they have stepped inside a zoo as they find themselves surrounded by a LEGO® Kangaroo, Koala and even a giant Orca Whale! After a fantastic opening summer season at the ICC Sydney Brickman Awesome will continue around Australia, stopping in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Wonders of the World

Ever dreamed of visiting the Empire State Building or the Great Wall of China, seeing the Mona Lisa or navigating the subway of Tokyo without having to go overseas? Well now you can at our ALL NEW interactive exhibition of epic LEGO® masterpieces: Wonders of the World!

More than 50 awe-inspring and never-seen-before models will be on display, taking visitors on a hands-on journey through history. Some of the models that will be showcased include a giant LEGO® Arc de Triomphe, LEGO® Empire State Building with Kong Kong, LEGO® Big Ben, a LEGO® Leaning Tower of Pisa! And even Michelangelo’s statue of David made from LEGO ® bricks.

We’ve had fantastic tours of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and now we’re headed overseas to New Zealand! Wonders of the World opens on the 9th Dec at the amazing Museum of New Zealand Te Papa- book your tickets now Wellington!
Find out more on the Wonders website

The Brickman Experience

The Brickman Experience is my first ever touring show that collects together forty of my original LEGO® brick models along with  their own unique  behind-the-scenes story, including original drawings and sketches. So far it has had sell-out tours in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand, Hobart, Adelaide, Geelong, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.
Find out more on the Experience website.

Towers of Tomorrow

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks features some of the most iconic and eye-popping towers from across Asia & Australia including Queensland’s Infinity Tower & Q1, Melbourne’s Eureka Tower, Sydney Tower, Taiwan’s Taipei 101, Japan’s Tokyo Skytree, Kuala Lumpur’s twin Petronas Towers, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, and the amazing and highly anticipated self-contained city that will be China’s Shanghai Tower.

Currently on tour around the USA thanks to Flying Fish Exhibits!




      • 26th December 2017- 4th February 2018 – Sydney, New South Wales
      • more dates to come!


      • 23rd September – 28th January 2018, The District Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria


      • 9th December  – 18th February 2018 – Wellington, New Zealand
      • more New Zealand dates to come!



      • 26th December 2017- 4th February 2018 – Sydney, New South Wales


      • 14th – 29th Jan, Geelong, Victoria
      • 9th-30th Apr, Newcastle, New South Wales
      • 23rd September – 28th January 2018, The District Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria


      • 1st April – 7th May – Melbourne, Victoria
      • 22nd June – 30th July – Perth, Western Australia
      • 9th December 16th February 2018 – Wellington, New Zealand



      • 1st – 24th July – Auckland, New Zealand
      • 29th July – 14th August  – Hamilton, New Zealand
      • 27th Sept – 9th October – Hobart, Tasmania
      • 17th Dec – 11th January 2017 – Adelaide, South Australia


      • 23rd Nov – 14th December – Brisbane, Queensland
      • 20th December 2016 – 5th Feb 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
The Brick Man

The Brickman