Old news

  • The BrickMan Experience!

    The Brickman Experience

    For the first time ever you are welcome to come along and experience my complete collection of LEGO models, along with those of my colleagues the other LEGO Certified professionals who have each created a unique piece for the show.

    Come and join in the fun as there is plenty of hands on activities where ill be getting you to help build some giant LEGO models and masterpieces.

    Ive got a stack of new stuff never seen in public before so for your only chance to see them come along!

  • Begonia

    Here's our latest world record build, the worlds largest LEGO flower.

    100,000 bricks and over 400 hours to create, all it needed was a bit of water to grow :)

    Its grand unveiling is at the Ballarat Begonia Festival for the long weekend of March 7-9th and after that the model will be on display as part of my upcoming tour www.brickmanexperience.com.au

    Giant LEGO flower

    Giant LEGO flower

  • Cinderella

    Here is the latest model to leave our workshop, Made for the Disney premiere of the movie Cinderella.

    (I'm thinking I need to wear the glass slipper as she has me covered for height!)

    She was about 2 weeks in the making, and approx 25,000 bricks.

  • Brickvention 2015.

    Thanks to everyone who came in and helped at Brickvention 2014, we managed to build 2 of the most amazing LEGO mosaics.

    Each mosaic is 170,540 LEGO pieces!
    They are 4.2m wide and 2.4m tall.

    On Saturday we completed the LEGO movie mosaic and Sunday we did the Royal Exhibition buildings, I'm sure you will agree they came up really well.

    LEGO Movie

    Royal Exhibition Buildings

  • The towers of tomorrow!

    My first ever solo exhibition of LEGO works in conjunction with Sydney Living Museums.

    Go along and see what our whole team spent many months building and working on.
    This one pushed us to our limits with intricate details, complex curves and architectural geometry.

    The exhibition celebrates tall and extraordinary buildings from Australia and Asia. Some are engineering head-turners while others are technical marvels.
    (To be honest we are still not sure how we managed to pull off some of these buildings!)

    Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks is on now at Museum of Sydney.
    Details and tickets: http://slm.is/towers  

    Sydney Living Museums

  • Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

    Easily the tallest model I have ever made standing 10m tall. 450,000 bricks and weighing in at 3,500 kilograms.

    Everything about this tree and its surrounding models is epic, featured int he Pitt Street mall in Sydney until Dec 27th.
    The light and sound show is at 8pm, 8.15pm, 8.30pm and 8.45pm every night.
    LEGO Christmas Tree

    If you are really keen you can see the behind the scenes timelapse of how we build it

    And for more great pictures of the tree don't forget to check out my Flickr page.


    Its footy finals!
    Head on down to the MYER emporium store in Melbourne to check out our latest mega model, the 70,000 brick LEGO MCG on grand final day.

    There is lots of hidden gems in this model which took over 3 weeks to build.

    Head over to my flickr Gallery for a closer look.



  • Oh benny!

    It has been 30 years since LEGO introduced Benny the Blue Spaceman (as seen in the LEGO movie).
    so we figured he might like to celebrate by getting him a new book, you be the judge!

    Oh benny!

  • Save Ferris!

    For those old enough to appreciate the movie "Ferris Bueller's day off" you can probably remember this car.
    I certainly will never be able to afford a real one (they are over $10 million bucks!) i figured id build myself a real one.
    At over 1.8m long and 50,000 bricks, I think you will agree that it is "soooooooo choice"

    1961 ferrari 250 gt california

    1961 ferrari 250 gt california

  • Zoom, Zoom!

    I've always wanted to fly a plane, but I never did manage to get my pilots license, however that didn't stop me from building the Pilatus P-9 from the RAAF's acrobatic Roulettes.
    (Complete with working propeller!)

    LEGO P-9 roulette

  • Up, Up and away!

    Whilst this colourful hot air balloon looks pretty it certainly was no easy build, its crazy shape along with colour changes made it one of the more difficult things we have ever built.
    (Combine that with the fact that it is designed to be hung from above!)

    LEGO Hot air Balloon

  • May the 4th be with you

    Last year saw us complete a 3m tall Yoda for May the 4th, this year we went a little bit further, a world record 4.6m tall Darth Vader!

    One of my colleagues from the USA Dan Steininger came down under and together we managed to pull off the worlds largest LEGO darth vader.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to help out we had a blast.

    LEGO Darth vader

    You also might have caught us both live on Sunrise on may the 2nd:

    Oh and there is a neat Youtube video of the build event on the LEGO Youtube channel:

  • The Hobbit

    To celebrate the release of the Hobbit Video game on Playstation 4, I was asked to make the ultimate LEGO Hobbit playstation console.

    Its normally hard work to get permission to do licensed product, so this was quite a treat.

    The front of the LEGO model opened up to reveal the PS4.

    The Hobbit PS4

    The Hobbit PS4

  • Well, its Massive!

    When we were contacted by Shell last year, we had no idea just how big a model can get, until we heard about a thing called the 'Prelude"

    At just over 483m long it is simply massive, its a floating Liquid natural gas refinery, extractor and storage facility all in one!
    It will be stationed off the north west coast of Australia when it is finished and is a huge feat of engineering.

    For information on the real version check this out: http://www.shell.com.au/aboutshell/who-we-are/shell-au/operations/upstream/prelude.html

    So here is our LEGO version unveiled at APPEA in Perth:
    LEGO Shell Prelude

    LEGO Shell Prelude

  • Oh Noes!

    Sometimes, just sometimes we get to have some fun, this poor guy is simply called "Oh Noes!"
    Oh Noes

  • The LEGO Movie

    Here's a couple of builds we have recently finished for the upcoming release of the LEGO movie.

    The LEGO Movie logo is one of the biggest builds we have ever done, weighing in at a massive 360kgs!
    It is 5x the size of the original logo used in the movie. As you can see the model had some very special challenges around building it!

    The minifig Emmett and Lucy were also a lot of fun to build.
    The LEGO Movie

    Emmett and Lucy

  • Giant LEGO Sydney Opera House

    My own personal Mount Everest has now been climbed!
    Unquestionably one of the hardest shapes to make out of LEGO bricks, my 75,000 brick version shows the famous Australian landmark off inside and out.
    (I love doing my trademark cutaway treatment on the big models!)

    For more detailed pictures check out my flickr.

    LEGO Sydney Opera House

  • Bond, James Bond.......

    From Boxing day until January 27th I'll be at the Melbourne Museum building some huge James Bond themed LEGO mosaics, come down and help build them with me.

    The Designing James bond (50 years of 007) is also at the museum where you can see some amazing sets and props from the movies.

    Here's the first, gotta love that car!

    LEGO James Bond

  • LEGO Melbourne Star

    Here's my LEGO Melbourne star observation wheel. At just over 3m in diameter it is unquestionably the most difficult thing I have ever built.
    It is fully motorised using LEGO power functions using just over 30,000 bricks.
    The hardest part was the maths and process in doing a 7 pointed star held by a flying buttress while being powered.

    (I have no idea if there are bigger LEGO wheels around, if there is I'm yet to see one)

    The model is mounted on permanent display in the gift shop after you ride the observation wheel.

    The kids and I are in this shot just for scale!

    The Melbourne star opens tomorrow (the 23rd of December, check it out!)

    LEGO Melbourne star

  • Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly in LEGO

    Up at the Perc Tucker Gallery in Townsville my latest mystery mosaic has just been finished.
    I've always wanted to do this picture in LEGO, and with 23 different colours and just under 50,000 bricks, it was unquestionably one of the most complex ones I have ever done! (Here is the original next to it for reference!)

    Pop by the gallery to check it out and enjoy the lots of other activities there.

    LEGO Sidney Nolan

  • Perc Tucker Galery

    A fantastic new exhibition has just opened at the Perc Tucker Gallery in Townsville.

    Brick By Brick       

    Featuring quite a few of my works as
    well as 53 historical items which have been sent directly from the LEGO Idea House in Billund, Denmark.

    Ill be onsite building some cool stuff from the 13th of December up until the 19th of December so come along and join in the fun.

    Ill be back again in Townsville in February
    so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for dates and times.

    For more information go to:










    Perc Tucker

  • MYER Adelaide.

    Over the last 12 months I've been busy updating the LEGO section in some MYER stores.
    Here is some goodies from MYER in Adelaide. 
    (I really did have fun making the Adelaide over scoreboard! - Take that poms!)
    Kangaroo island mosaic

    Adelaide Oval

  • Auckland Skytower

    I've recently been over in New Zealand at the coolest Toy store in Auckland - Toyco

    Installing a giant LEGO Skytower, It is so tall I had to leave a bit off the top spire as it wouldn't fit.
    I had a great day installing it with my assistant for the day Jonathan who won the
    "Be my assistant for the day: competition.

    Auckland Skytower

  • LEGO Books

    I recently received some LEGO Books from No Starch Press for review.
    Before I get into the books, No Starch Press are somewhat famous amongst LEGO circles now in that they have produced many great LEGO books and produce some amazing quality productions, so its always a pleasure to review their latest and greatest.

    I have also travelled a lot recently so took them away with me to read. (timing was perfect!)

    So 3 books, 2 of which are very similar (same Authors in fact)

    Amazing Vehicles 1Amazing Vehicles 2

    I really enjoyed both of these books and it clearly shows when the authors are subject matter experts, these are very well laid out, great illustrations and really do step through each model well. (although I'm not sure about the character George who explains the book - perhaps he is aimed at a younger audience) 

    If you are into LEGO cars as a lot of people are, these are definite must haves.

    The third book "Beautiful LEGO"
    Beautiful LEGO

    This book came with quite a reputation, not only from the name of the book, but also the Author who has made some amazing LEGO models (and photography) So I was really keen to check this one out. Sadly though I was left quite disappointed by this book, not by its quality or production values, as they are excellent, but rather the subject matter, there is some amazingly poor choices of subject matter in the book given the title. 

    If you are going to call a book Beautiful LEGO then make sure the subjects are indeed beautiful.  don't get me wrong the creations are special and amazingly well crafted and made by highly skilled craftspeople (way better builders than I), but some of them are far from beautiful. 

    Some of the selections are very niche AFOL orientated as opposed to mass appeal. If that's the target market of this book then great, if its not and is aimed at the general public, there are some things which will amaze them and others which they will look at scratching their head wondering how these things made it into a grand sounding book.

    I'm just waiting for a book whereby Mike Doyle's work is featured on its own, that would be worthy of the title "Beautiful LEGO"

  • Some stop motion

    I've had a few LEGO stop motion jobs of late, here's one I did some work on.

    Click on the picture to head over to YouTube.
    LEGO Toyota

  • Sydney, Sydney and Sydney

    A bit of an update on a couple of events;

    Saturday the 31st of August form 12-2pm at the Sydney Opera House concert hall southern foyer for the launch of the LEGO Sydney Opera House, be there or be compound curved ;)
    Jamie Berard, the designer of the set will be in attendance and promises to be good times all round.

    The other event is at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation on Thursday the 5th of September, for an evening of LEGO and fine wine.
    Ill be giving a presentation on behind the scenes in my job in what is an amazingly cool secret art gallery. 
    Click here for SCAF info: http://sherman-scaf.org.au/


    Here's some LEGO recreations I made of some classic Sydney Opera House images.
    Sydney Opera House

  • A little bit of LEGO Western Australia

    Here's a couple of small models which have been made for a department store over in Western Australia.

    I've been wanting to recreate Australia II winning the Americas cup for a long time now, so this was pretty neat.
    Also a real part of WA; a mining truck hauling away some riches. (if you see it in person look out for the secret cave!)

    LEGO Australia II yacht
    LEGO Open cut mine

  • LEGO Acropolis

    Following on from last years huge success the LEGO Colosseum,

    This years model for the Nicholson Museum in Sydney is none other than the Acropolis!
    120,000 Bricks and a couple of hundred hours of work.

    here's a picture of it just before it left the workshop, come and check it out (along with a host of real Greek treasures)
    Opening day is the 6th of July at the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney.
    LEGO Acropolis

  • LEGO Legends of Chima Trophies

    I've just finished making some super cool trophies which will be awarded to each state Chima Speedorz Champion.
    These were a lot of fun to make, I look forward to seeing each of the winners!
    Chima Trophy

  • Your very own Ryan Mcnaught model

    With the release of the new LEGO Sydney Opera House, I have decided to offer its companion, the Sydney harbour Bridge as its own LEGO set.
    This is a very rare opportunity for you to own one of my designs and also have an amazing part of Australia made out of LEGO.

    All you need to do is click "support" and once it his 10,000 likes it is on its way!

    Here's the details:

    LEGO has recently released its new CREATOR expert model, the world famous Sydney Opera House
    However there is only one problem, it is missing its equally as famous and just as significant twin, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    These two inseparable icons form the backdrop to one of the most famous harbours in the world.
    So here is your chance to have the companion model.
    Designed by Australia’s own LEGO Certified Professional; Ryan McNaught.

    The Bridge brings new and interesting modelling techniques as well as an amazing looking model.
    • Partner model of the new #10234 Sydney Opera house
    • Each tower whilst looks the same uses a different construction technique, thus avoiding the dreaded x4 often seen in LEGO instructions.
    • Includes Sydney ferries and a myriad of mini cars and trucks.
    • Teaches important concepts such as making curved models out of rectangular bricks.
    • Advanced Half stud offset technique used in all 4 towers.
    • Measures over 90cm long, 30cm wide and 30cm high.

    Click HERE to support it!

    Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • LEGO Laval from the Legends of Chima.

    Here's a bit of a behind the scenes look at my latest model.

    A giant LEGO minfig called Laval from LEGo Legends of Chima.
    He is just under 6 Ft Tall and with his sword its over 8 feet tall, and well over 100,000 LEGO Bricks!
    Here's a picture of him in the loading dock just before he heads off to a department store.
    To give you an idea of just how big he is, on top of his left hand is a normal LEGO minifig (That tiny pink dot!)

    All up he was about 280-300 hours worth of work, and a hell of a challenge.
    LEGO Legends of Chima Laval

  • Sydney, the harbour city.

    Here's a couple of small models I have made for a department store in Sydney.

    The timing is rather ironic as I am going to be in Sydney from the 20th to the 29th of April
    at the Sydney Brick show.  Make sure you come along and say G'day.

    Here's the website, where you can buy tickets online.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Bondi beach

  • All things New Zealand.

    I recently had the chance to take a trip over to New Zealand.

    To say it is a beautiful country does not do it justice.
    Whilst I was over there i managed to slot in a slot on breakfast TV, promoting the National LEGO building competition.

    Here's a link to the Interview, and here's a close up of some flowers I gave to the shows hosts.


    LEGO Flowers

  • Sydney over Easter

    Nothing to do over Easter? Live in Sydney? Want to come and play LEGO?

    I'll be in the harbour city over the next few weeks;
    21 March 1st April
    10am to 4pm every day
    Sydney Family Show
    In the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park.

    Come along to say hello and lets build some amazing things together!
    (My 250,000 brick LEGO Love boat has also set sail, for its first visit to Sydney! - come and check it out.)

    Click here for all the details.

  • LEGO Cityscape

    Here's an interesting one, I had to make a city scene for a photoshoot, I sort of modelled it on New York, but added a few more Aussie Details to it.
    here's my favourite view of the city.  (For full detailed shots check out my flickr page)

    Bonus points if you can guess what TV show the restaurant was in.

    LEGO Cityscape

  • Match Mosaic

    Here's a 3D"ish" mosaic I completed for a company in Sydney.
    The "greebling" effect works pretty well on mosaics, it adds depth and detail to an otherwise plain logo.

    LEGO Match Logo

  • Four Square

    I was recently contacted by a lady who wanted a mosaic done of her family, and being super cool she didn't mind if I played around with a bit of colour.
    Inspired by Andy Warhol; "Four Square" brings a bit of life to their new family portrait.

    Check out my Mosaics page if you would love your family immortalised in LEGO
    Four Square

  • Get to Da Choppa!

    Here's 100,000 Bricks with rotors!
    Ok, well its a little bit more complicated than that.....

    My latest model built for Brickvention 2013.
    Come along and see it in all its glory.

    At just under 4m long and over 1m high, its one of my larger creations, full of very difficult technical challenges it was a fun build and was a great month of all things orange!.

  • Book reviews

    It’s not often that I look forward to getting home and opening my mail, like most mail nowadays its all bills or junk mail, but after a few weeks travelling to various places I had a rather heavy package waiting for me.

    The package was from No Starch Press, who are a publisher of a lot of books about LEGO.  In the past they have released some real gems, so here’s a short review of the books which I received.

    Firstly the updated “unofficial LEGO builders guide”
    Many years ago I read the first edition of this book, it serves as a very good basic starting point for anyone getting into the hobby, and perhaps more importantly it shows to a younger builder some tips on expanding your modelling skills range.  Its not a reference book which I refer back to, but it’s a good read for a novice, and I would recommend it only to anyone who is new to the hobby and needs a basic introduction.

    Secondly, the LEGO Adventure book, vol 1 (which assumes there will be others?)
    This was a very good light read, and something which would appeal to children/teens, there is a neat story that flows along and introduces themes to builders, for any child who is into LEGO, this a great inspiration ideas book as well as some cool little models. As a side note you can tell when an author is passionate about a topic it really comes through, this book is a great example of that.

    Lastly and the one which interests me the most is the “Unofficial LEGO Technic builders guide”
    This book is a gem, I’m a bit of a Technic modeller and this book goes into some great practical details about what works best, including solutions to problems that you will inevitably come across at some stage in your Technic building.  Throughout the book are some great practical examples of ways to strengthen your models (that doesn’t necessarily apply to only Technic models either).

    It introduces complex engineering issues and how they are solved, whilst not comprehensive it does cover the basics which most Technic builders will face at some point.

    Out of the three, this is by far my favourite as it is an advanced level book aimed at those who are serious about their LEGO.

    Like all No Starch Press books, the quality of the books are excellent and very well presented.

    I think its great that there are an increasing number of great books about LEGO and perhaps more importantly to me in what I do, books aimed at adults, nice work all round I say.

  • Ekka

    I'll be up in Queensland from the 8th to the 19th of August at Ekka in Brisbane.
    Come and see my giant Saturn V rocket and hep me build something for this yars Ekka theme:

    The Farm of the Future!


    So if you are in Brisbane make sureyou pop by and say hello!

  • LEGO Colosseum

    My Latest Project is now live; A 200,000 brick LEGO Colosseum.

    Without doubt one of the hardest things I have ever made given its shape and detail requirements.
    I've given it my customary "cut away" treatment and split it in two time phases, current day ruins, and also at 80AD when it was opened for the first time.

    LEGO Colosseum

    Here it is on site at the Nicholson Museum in Sydney.

    LEGO Colosseum

    For many more detailed pictures check out my Flickr account.

  • Brickworks

    My Latest LEGO creations have now hit the streets, quite literally in fact.

    10 Mosaics; In which I and my team of helpers have converted 10 different Aussie artists works into LEGO.

    For a sneak peak and a little bit more information about them, check out:

    The Festival of Play Website


    Incidentally I'll also be at the Powerhouse museum in Sydney for the Sydney brick show on the 2nd and 3rd of June. - So come down and say G'day!

  • LEGO Festival of Play

    Finally I can spill the beans on some models which I made earlier this year!

    In case you didn't know this year, 2012 is the 50th Year of LEGO in Australia!  hooray!
    To get a look at some of the things I have been working on head over to the Festival of Play website:

    LEGO Festival of Play

    Check out the Introduction Video, it's full of my models. (The cuckoo clock is my Favourite!)

    I've been locked up in the workshop for the last 2 months building a whole raft of things for the Festival of Play so make sure you stay tuned to see them revealed.


  • February 2012.

    So the last few weeks have been kind of crazy, there has been a lot of projects on the go!
    Sadly a few which I can't show yet until they "hit the streets"

    but none the less, here's some of the crazy contraptions I've been commissioned to build in the last week or so.

    LEGO Cuckoo clock
    A LEGO Cuckoo Clock, complete with working Cuckoo bird that pops out!

    LEGO Car
    A LEGO Car with that "60's" look about it.

    LEGO Bowler Hat
    A Life Sized LEGO Bowler hat!.  I tried it on, it certainly is prickly!

  • My latest Model.

    My latest model:

    120,000 Bricks
    5.7m Tall - The tallest LEGO model in Australia.
    250 Hours to put this monster together.
    A huge thanks to Andrew Campbell at the Melbourne Headshot company for some amazing pictures!

    Come by and see the at Brickvention, Australia's Premier LEGO show, on the 21st and 22nd of January at the Melbourne Town hall.
    Tickets MUST be pre booked!
    LEGO Saturn 5 Rocket

  • Brickvention 2012

    Brickvention 2012
    Brickvention 2012 is almost here!
    Australia's premier LEGO show is on again.

    the 20th and 21st of January 2012 at the Melbourne Town Hall.

    This year you MUST pre buy your ticket, so avoid dissapointment and get them here;

    Each year at Brickvention I unveil a super new model for the first time to the public, and this year is no exception.
    Whilst it is a secret until its launch, I can promise you it is big, in fact it will be the tallest LEGO model in Australia!!
    So come on down, say g'day and enjoy my latest creation.


  • LEGO Friends

    LEGO have just released their friends line for 2012!

    I have to say I am impressed, whilst I do not normally make comment on the introduction of another product line,
    this one is significant in my opinion.

    Firstly The cool thing I really like about this is the fantastic new colours is that are available, the pinks and reds,
    they have so much extra possibility for creativity. I'm actually really looking forward it. There are many new pastel
    colours which will make the making of mosaics in particular a whole lot of fun.

    Then of course is the new parts, again we have literally struck gold here, with fantastic new pieces in both new
    and old colours. Lastly there is the minifigs, or Mini dolls as I heard them described, their hair and hand sockets all
    are standard LEGO and make for great play interchange.

    Overall LEGO has gone from strength to strength with their girls line, from Scala, to Belville, and now the friends line.

    Speaking to hundreds of parents over the last week I think it is fair to say that there is a lot of excitement about its
    release, with no negative feedback.

    I have heard a few rumblings on the net about it, but personally I just don't get it, I don't see it.

    Stay tuned for a creation or two from me using these amazing new parts and colours!

  • Sydney Mystery Mosaic

    Well it is finally finished.

    170,000 LEGO bricks!
    It measures 4.2m wide and 2.3m high

    I hope you all like it, I think its the best mosaic I've ever done.

    It will remain in the Town hall in Sydney until early February 2012, pop in and have a look and get you photo with it.
    Sydney Mosaic

  • Sydney Mystery Mosaic Day 4

    Day 4 of the Sydney Mystery mosaic at the Town Hall.

    The build just keeps motoring along, thanks to everyone who helped me today, Brick on!

    Sydney mosaic day 4

  • Sydney Mystery Mosaic Day 3

    The mystery mosaic in Sydney just keeps rolling along,

    I think you can guess part of it after today's efforts!
    Met lots of cool people today, thanks for everyone's help.
    Sydney mosaic Day 3

  • Sydney Mystery Mosaic Day 2

    Day 2 of the Sydney Mystery Mosaic.

    The mosaic is coming along, lots of guesses as to what it could be.

    Come along for the next few days and help me out, down at the Art of the Brick in the Sydney Town Hall.
    Day 2.
  • Sydney Mystery Mosaic day 1

    Up in sunny Sydney for a week this week doing a super cool mystery mosaic.
    Come in to the Art of the Brick exhibition at the Sydney Town Hall, ill be there on site until Thursday the 15th of December.
    Hep me put another brick in the wall.

    Here is the mosaic after the VIP gala opening party, any hints as to what it is yet?
    Sydney Mystery Mosiac day 1
  • Flowers

    9 red roses.

    Created for a VIP.

    For the flowers I took inspiration from Mariann Asanuma's wonderful series of LEGO flowers, however I added a twist, a display box and a little "buzzy bee" as my children called it.

    LEGO flowers

  • The Cult of LEGO

    The Cult of LEGO book review.

    The cult of LEGO

    I was recently sent a review copy of the new “the Cult of LEGO” book by John Baichtal and Joe Meno, by No Starch Press.

    Firstly, it is a very well presented book, its solid and has a great feel to it. Those who get it in E-book form are missing out on something.

    Like other No Starch Press LEGO books there is plenty of great pictures, you can tell that lots of Joe Meno’s experiences are contained here, and there is lots to pique your imagination with.

    Its a very good introduction to LEGO, but sadly as LEGO is such a huge topic nowadays it really only just scratches the surface on the myriad of LEGO topics that are out there. To be fair though if you were to be detailed about every topic it would be an encyclopaedia as opposed to a book.

    The book is very American based (it tried hard not to be) which means it misses out on other great parts of LEGO, but again, it does really cover a LOT of different parts of the LEGO Hobby.

    Overall I give the book a 7.5 out of 10.
    It is a worthy purchase which I think will sit rather nicely in anyone's LEGO book collection.

    Great pictures and photography
    Excellent print and physical quality
    Covers just about every LEGO topic known to man.
    If you didn’t know anything about LEGO in the community, this book will introduce you to it in every way possible.
    Good value for money.


    American centric.
    Each section is very short and introductory on each topic.

    Info on the book can be found here:
  • 3D mining site.

    I was recently lucky enough to work on a rather different and unique way to use LEGO bricks, that to be able to create a model of a real life Gold mine!.

    The great guys from Minesight over in Western Australia asked me to create an exact replica from their ground breaking Minesight 3D software.
    Using a specific scale of a 1x2 Brick to represent a block of earth and the LEGO colour gradient to determine gold density within the ground allowed me to create a physical replica of geological information.

    The model is also split in half so you can see the depth to which the seam of gold runs, along with the three phases of the mining operation, all of which are removable.

    software plan of the mine

    The LEGO version:
    mine site

    You can see from the removable sections the depth of the model where every brick is accurate to the plans gold density.
    This part I am holding is the 3rd phase of the mining operations.
    phase 1 of the mining operations
  • Andrew Walker Mosaic

    100,00 LEGO brick mosaic of Andrew Walker's spectacular mark from the 2011 AFL season.
    2.6m high and 2.2m Wide.

    This mark was created for channel 7's Sunday Football show "Game Day"
    The mosaic has since been auctioned off for the charity "Defib for life" which gives heart Defibrillators to community football clubs.

    Rather embarrassingly I featured on the TV show explaining to several people its not pronounced "Laygo"
    Andrew Walker's 2001 AFL mark in LEGO
  • Star Wars

    The Star Wars Blu-Ray Box set was launched on the 14th of September.
    Twentieth Century Fox had me create a Mosaic of one of the Box set covers, with over 110,000 Bricks!
    The launch event was held in the Pitt Street Mall, with Live TV coverage from the Today show.

    It was an amazing morning, and a heck of a lot of fun to build in an amazing location!

    A huge thanks goes out to the Melbourne and Sydney LEGO users groups for all their help in putting it together.

    star wars 1

    star wars 2

    star wars 3

  • Latest Model

    101 Collins street

    Here's my latest creation, 101 Collins street.
    Melbourne's premier office building address. 
    I recently took it up To Brick Expo in Canberra
    over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of August 2011

    At just over 3m tall (without the table) its certainly
    the tallest thing I have every built.

    A touch over 20,000 LEGO bricks were used, and
    I even managed to get in a small cutaway section of the building.

    The Model itself will be shown in the foyer of 101 Collins street in
    the upcoming weeks.

    I have also been working on another building, which is a pretty
    amazing model, I hope to be able to show it later this month after
    its grand unveiling.

     101 Collins street cutaway  
  • The Love boat in Chicago 2011

    Brickworld Chicago 2011 is over, and what a brickworld it was!

    Not only did I manage to catch up with some super cool LEGO folks, see some amazingly brilliant creations, but I was also paid a surprise visit by Gavin McLeod, the actor who played Captain Stubing from the TV series.

    The Love Boat model was also very fortunate to also win the Brickworld 2011 award for the best Mega Creation.

    love boat in chicago

    Here's the Youtube link:


  • Federation Square Mosaic.

    The Flinders Street Station mosaic at Federation Square is now complete.

    170,000 LEGO bricks, added over 6 days.  A great event and thanks to everyone who helped out and came along.

    It will remain at the Art of the brick exhibition until the exhibition closes.

    Fed Square mosaic
  • Fed Square day 5!

    The giant mosaic at Fed Square is almost complete.

    Not long to go now, Tomorrow it will be finished then a few hours of minor corrections and hey presto.
    day 5
  • Fed Square Day 4.

    The end of Day 4 of the mosaic build.

    Not far away from being completed now, I would estimate some 140,000 1x1 bricks have been used thus far.

    Huge thanks to everyone who has helped thus far, it has been awesome fun!
    day 4 mosaic build
  • Fed Square Day 3.

    The mystery mosaic well on its way to being revealed.

    Day 3, A huge crowd and an awesome time.

    day 3

  • Fed Square day 2

    Day 2 of the Mystery Mosaic build.

    After 2 days and thousands of hands busy building away the Mosaic is taking shape.

    At the rate everyone is building it looks like being finished on Sunday. - Head on down to Federation Square and be part of the action.

    I think its easy to guess what it is a picture of now!

    day 2

  • Live build event 2nd-5th June 2011

    Come and help me build a monster!

    A monster Mosaic that is, at over 4.4 meters wide and 2.2 meters high,
    this will be the largest mosaic in Melbourne. I’ll be building onsite from
    the 2nd of June for about 5 days (or less if it gets finished earlier) at
    the Art of the Brick exhibition in Fed Square.

    Come along and help me put all 168,000 bricks together, where it
    will ever so slowly materialise before your eyes.

    The art of the brick exhibition features the work of Nathan Sawaya, 
    there is also a load of way cool stuff from the Melbourne LEGO
    users group on show as well!

    Come on down, say hello and be a part of an amazing build.

  • Busy Month

    Well April has been an amazingly busy month, and as always I am way behind on posting something cool, unless of course you have peeked at my FLICKR account of late.

    So what have i been up to?
    I spent a week over in the USA at LEGO HQ in Enfield, where I got together with the other 12 LEGO Certified Professionals and we all worked on new and exciting ways to use the product.
    I also had the opportunity to hang out with a whole bunch of LEGO gurus and superstars.  Needless to say look out for many new and never before seen creations!

    So What have I built of Late?
    Quite a lot actually, firstly for an upcoming issue of BRW I created a couple of vignettes for thier guys to take pictures of symbolising corporate profits hitting tough times, and also that production was up, here's a couple of my versions of the scene. I have also done a groovy time lapse video of a magazine cover being made, CLICK HERE to check it out!, its pretty cool and one of my favourite mosaics I have done yet.

    I also have done another sweet episode for the LEGO club magazine which is due out in June, look out for my latest little creation for you to make in there.

    Some of you may have also heard my on 774 ABC Melbourne, I have put a link to the podcast in the media section, that was a total blast!

    Lastly I have been doing some real building, no not with LEGO bricks, but rather the New LEGO studio is almost finished, this will be my new hideout for all things LEGO, watch out for the grand opening in mid May.

     LEGO production

    Corporate coaster

  • Archibald 2011 Entry.

    Something different and challenging.

    I have put in an entry for the 2011 Archibald prize for portraiture, with a mosaic of Daniel Grollo.
    Daniel is a rather famous Melbourne corporate identity as CEO of Grocon, Australia's largest privately held property development firm.
    They are responsible for Melbourne’s main landmarks, Eureka Tower, The Rialto, 101 Collins Street and the MCG.

    Daniel very generously gave up his time for a sitting several weeks ago and allowed me to use him as my subject:

    "The Building of the Builder"  Approx 20,000 Pieces.

    Daniel Grollo

  • Love Heart

    Valentines day!

    Well valentines day is almost approaching, so I thought I would do something special for my darling wife.

    A 60,000 brick love heart sculpture.

    I set it up in the Royal Botanic Gardens in the city, a true hidden gem, and a very romantic spot!

    I am also going to rebuild the heart in Myer on Sunday the 13th of Feb in the valentines day section of the store, come along and say g'day!

    LEGO love heart

    building the heart
  • The LOVE boat

    The Love Boat!

    Well my latest and greatest project has now had its grand unveiling, or should I say its launch!

    • My largest ever creation, just over 250,000 pieces.
    • Just over 3 meters long and over 1 meter high.
    • Over 450 minifigs enjoying a fabulous cruise and the best holiday they have ever had!
    • Full of power functions, the anchor, bow thrusters, the lifeboat raise/lower, the propeller, and the rudder at the rear.
    • The ship of course has all the Love Boat crew on-board as well as a whole series of 80’s washed up TV stars including none other than the Hoff!

    I plan on taking the ship to Chicago in June for Brickworld.
    If anyone wants to have the boat shown at an event, I’ll have it in decent condition up until the end of February when I’ll get it sent state side.

    Enjoy more pics in my Gallery or in my Flickr pages.

    The Love Boat

  • Brickventions is over for 2011

    brickvention 2011

    Well Brickvention is now over for 2011.

    It was an awesome event, on the convention days over 140 fans of LEGO played games and did all things LEGO related, great fun I know I had a blast!

    The public day on the Sunday was just insane, over 8,000 people came to see all of our models, given last years event was 2,700 the growth was crazy!
    A huge thanks to everyone who was so patient in waiting in the queue to get in, I hope that seeing the models was worthwhile.

    Lets hope that 2012 with the right support we can be in an even bigger venue which will allow for unprecedented crowds to come and check it all out.

    I hope everybody enjoyed seeing my LOVE boat!

  • New galleries

    A few new galleries have been added.

    the shark!

    The coolest is pictures from the Sydney Attractions Group installation.
    I was lucky enough to help out some LEGO USA guys with the installation, they unquestionably made the coolest models to hit our fair shores!

    They were also really great guys, I look forward to them coming back.
    For those in Sydney head down to the aquarium in darling harbour on the 16th of January for the build of the worlds largest LEGO mystery mosaic.

    Huge thanks to Dale, Chris and Martin from LEGO, you guys rock.
  • Brickvention 2011

    BV 2011

    Brickvention 2011 is almost here.

    Australia's Premier LEGO convention, where people from all over Australia join in for a couple of days of fun for all things LEGO.

    The public day the 16th of January promises to be truly massive.
    This year we have taken over the Melbourne town hall in Swanston street and will fill it full of the most amazing LEGO creations!

    It will also be the unveiling of my latest model - which is the largest thing I have ever attempted

    I look forward to seeing you all there!

    For all information visit the brickvention website: www.brickventures.com
  • Starlight day

    starlight foundation
    There are two special Starlight foundation LEGO days coming up this week and next at both the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, and the Westmead Childrens Hospital in Sydney.

    The two days will be a lot of fun and a chance for the kids who are currently in Hospital & are less fortunate in life to get to play with their favourite toy!
    Proudly supported by LEGO Australia who are donating lots of goodies as well as use of several huge barrels of bricks are sure to be a lot of fun! We have many games, activities and of course lots of building planned.

    A big thank you goes out to all those who are helping on the days: Sue Ann, Travis and Derek in Melbourne and Richie, Robb and Pete up in Sydney.



  • Picture Frames

    I was just playing around tonight and I made up a few picture frames.

    I have plenty of ideas for different ones, but these seemed like a little bit of fun.


    I did ask my darling wife if I thought they looked cute, the response was immediate: "LEGO is not cute!". I think its clearly because she has stepped on too many 1x1 bricks.

  • New LEGO Certified Professional


    Some exciting news!

    I am now a LEGO Certified Professional, the first in the Australia, and the 12th in the world!

    So what does that mean?

    LEGO Certified Professionals are officially licensed by The LEGO Group to engage in certain types of commercial activities involving LEGO products.
    They exemplify the creative possibilities of the LEGO building system and focus on business opportunities outside the LEGO core products.

    Essentially I'll continue to try and builder super cool models, taking them to a new level as well as being able to offer my LEGO services to new markets and provide a level of professionalism embodied by LEGO.

    For more information on the LEGO Certified Professional program click here: http://aboutus.lego.com/en-US/programs/default.aspx

  • Ships Ahoy!

    Well, it seems that the next big thing is under way, literally that is!

    After last years Airbus model, ive been thinking about a cruise ship, and of course there is none better than the Love Boat!

    Split in half to reveal a fully detailed interior it will be just over 3.2 meters in length and around the 300,000 peice mark.

    Enclosed are a few Work in Progress happy snaps which people have been asking for! - Of course all the details and the fun bits are not included yet, I always save the stuff i love to work on the most until last!

    cutaway interior

    side on Work in progress


  • The Olden Days!

    Here's a scan of whats now probably my most favourite document.

    My mum found this when going through stuff from when i was a kid!

    For those that are not that old, each school holidays Myer (a department store here in Australia) used to run competitions where they had a whole pile of Lego and you had to build stuff, it would then be judged etc.

    My mum tells me (I cant remember) that I won the day compeitiion and then won the Bendigo Myer store compeition but lost at the state finals. The first prize at the time was a trip for a family of four to go to Denmark.

    Lego Certificate
  • Brickworld - Chicago 2010

    Well folks, Brickworld has been and gone, I’m back from the good old US of A

    I have to say it was an amazing show, so many great models, so many great people, I had a real blast, also a huge thanks to my mum and father in law; Alan  who helped me! Couldn’t have done it without you both, and of course Qantas for getting me over there!.

    So now where do I start well I think this picture explains a lot:


    Yes the good people (yeah right!) at American Airlines totally destroyed one of the boxes from the airbus, as you can see they sure gave it a working over. (over 3,000 pieces missing) – it was clearly my fault for marking it “fragile!”

     So after several long days and nights, and calls & favours with people for parts, the plane was able to be re-assembled.

    The Lego exhibition went very well,  with just over 800 exhibitors building some of the most amazing creations it was an amazing event, they do an academy awards style competition with the top 4 exhibits in the running for the grand prize, which I was lucky enough to be one of the four nominated! I didn’t win, but felt very honoured to have at least made it in the top 4, and it has inspired me to do better next year!

     airbus at brickworld
    They had over ten thousand people come through on the public days, an amazing experience, and as Qantas had sponsored me I had a box of A380 brochures which people could take, they all disappeared very quickly and I had a constant stream of people over the public days tell me they always wanted to go to Australia, and everyone was very impressed by the flying kangaroo. I even had a couple from Canada who were booking their flights to Australia, and decided to change it to fly on Qantas so they could fly on the A380.

    Watching the jaws drop of both children and parents alike when seeing the Qantas A380 is a great feeling. Having the touch screen active which allows everyone to control different functions on the plane made it even more special; watching a 5 year old fly a plane was very special and made the model even more fun.

    Along with Australia’s Lego show in Melbourne in January – Brickvention, I’ve been invited back for next years event, and all going well I’ll be making another large model, this time the ship from the 80’s classic TV show, the love boat!   How I’ll get it over to the USA, well that is another question........

  • Does that mean my wife is like Posh?

    Reported in todays tabloids:

    posh n becks

    DAVID Beckham wants to be a professional Lego builder. The soccer star, who raises three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and five-year-old Cruz, with his singer-turned-designer wife Victoria Beckham, loves playing with the toy bricks and admits it would have been great to turn his hobby into a career.

    He said: "What would I like to do if I wasn't a footballer? I love drawing cartoons and building Lego with my sons. "When I was in Milan I had such a big amount of spare time. I found online that you can buy a Lego model of the Taj Mahal so I bought it and started building it."

    I think that means that my wife is now an official WAG!   - see i told you honey, LEGO is in fact for the rich and famous!

  • The Airbus actually flies!

    28 May 2010

    Part 1. Airbus June 2010 tour!

    As part of a trip to Dallas in June for a wedding, I’m also taking over the giant Airbus A380 (flights courtesy of Qantas!) to Brickworld in Chicago!

    This of course poses huge challenges, getting it there, getting it around, setting it up, making it all work, all some 10,000 miles away from home.  I’m going to post every few days with how its all going, and it promises to be quite the challenge.

    So ill start off with posting and talking about trip preparation!

    Getting it all organised has been quite the effort, I didn’t design the airbus to be taken anywhere except to Brickvention (5 miles down the road), and it does break down into smaller parts ( approx 1ft x 1ft)  but of course it is VERY fragile, and wasn’t designed to be shipped all over the world.

    So with some squeezing I have managed to get most of it down into 3 large boxes (as per the picture which is all padded by foam (got offcuts from the local foam store!)  which will protect it as much as can be from what its going to go through.

    One of my suitcases will also be half full of parts and packaging for it too, also my father in law Alan will have half his case full of stuff too!

    Now Brickworld is the crème de la crème of lego shows and there will be some of the most amazing models on show, and I hope mine is good enough to be shown along with them.

    Stay tuned for the blog from the airport where i have to check it in!  The guy from Qantas has assured my that its all good to go, the excess baggage is in play, the internal American Airlines flights are lined up, and even the Captain of the my flight knows what the special cargo is! Way to go Qantas!


  • ABC Time lapse Video!

    Another Time lapse  Mosaic, this time a proof of concept for the ABC.

    Thier Kids logo done in medium scale, some of the details are not correct but i wanted to show how it would and could look when done,
    it does of course need correct lighting and some colour adjustement, but none the less looks cool.

    Youtube link:

    ABC kids logo

  • Welcome a new client: Sapience

    I would like to welcome aboard a new client, Sapience Financial Services.

    Sapience have engaged with me a project that involves several different mini projects:

    • Desktop Custom set (4WD ute and trailer) with Sapience printed branding. including custom developed instructions and packaging.
    • Sapience Man - A series of custom printed minifigs with thier logo and website/phone details on the reverse (pictured).
    • Bulk collection of items for use in creating client interaction pieces: a Birthday card (pictured), Welcome, Relax, Review and Refer cards in line with their marketing goals.
    • Time lapse photography mosaic of thier logo.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwA8A-jrvho


    Sapience BirthdaySapience Man
  • Another Airbus Update

    Airbus A380 Follow up,

    Well The airbus it seems has literally “taken off” i have been very lucky to have been blogged by about a dozen different sources, including by Tim at The brothers brick: www.brothers-brick.com  which is my favourite Lego blog site, and one which i check and read every day.

     I have a few mini airbus sets still for sale i am taking them with me to Brickworld in Chicago in June, there is not many left so grab them while you can.

      mini airbuses

     I have also started work on my next couple of Projects, a travel company has asked me to do a large mosaic for them, which needs to be done by mid march, and I am also working on two new custom sets, a combination retro lego 80’s product with a new concept and a modular building in keeping with LEGO(tm)’s theme, which I hope will gain some publicity.

     I have also been thinking about applying to join the LEGO(tm) certified professional program, given the volume of corporate work i am doing, but i have no idea where to start and if they would be even interested, I am guessing most probably not, but there is no harm in asking and as there is nobody from Australia in the program, I think its about time they got their act together.

     Oh, also i have ordered another 100 of the brickman custom minifigs from Denmark, these little people sold out in about 45 minutes at brickvention, so as soon as i get them in stock and put together, you can grab them.  

     minifig torso's

  • Brickvention 2010

    Well Brickvention 2010 is now over for another year!

    It was unquestionably the best brickvention ever, with over 2700 people coming throught he doors on the public day!

    The queue to get in went down flinders street, and around into Elizabeth street!.

    I was lucky enought his year to be crowned the best in show for 2010 as voted for by the registered attendees on the saturday,
    i feel honored and proviliged to win such a title given the amazing stuff that people had built, i have never in my life seen such amazing LEGO creations before.
    Thank you to everyone who voted for me, i am truly humbled.

    Please check out the gallery for the full pictures of the Airbus,  I am taking it to Brickworld in Chicago in June, which will be a marathon effort, given it weighs 55kgs.

    Some Specs on my Qantas Airbus A380:

    35,000 Peices
    2.2 meters long and 1.8m wide.
    Fully automated touchscreen controlled Functions:
    Front landing gear door (hitechnic servo)
    Front landing gear (NXT motor)
    Two rear landing gear dorrs (Hitechnic servo)
    Both landing gears powered by one NXT motor.
    Front Cargo Door (Hitechnic servo)
    Airbrakes on wing (Hitechnic servo)
    Landing flaps (NXT motor)
    tail fin an rear wing (Hitechnic servo)
    Engines (power functions with IR remote)
    Landing lights (power functions lights)

    Also a huge thanks to Alan my father in law who helped me show it off, he was busy giving the remote control to the kids to fly the plane,
    while i was talking about it and answering the myriad of questions.

    And Qantas if you are reading this i would LOVE just a little bit of help in getting it stateside :)


  • Airbus Update

    Airbus Update,

    Well its about time i posted an update on the Airbus,  and posted a little picture :) 
    It is going along really well, i have been very focussed on the NXT side of things, and a bit of programming work for the controlling systems, i had to get some help from some external forums, the guys over at: http://nxtasy.org/ were awesome and really helped out a lot.

    Anyways as you can see the wing is pretty much done, and it weighs a lot!  i have to have quite a few supports underneath it, as none of it is glued, there is a lot of technic inside the wing so it is really quite sturdy, it also breaks down into 4 sections for transport.

    It easily been the biggest thing i have ever built, im well over 30k parts now, and i have cleaned out a few bricklink stores of certain types of parts, and im still not sure what i am going to do with it at the end of brickvention. I hope that myabe Qantas are interested in showing it somewhere?   I would also love to take it over to the USA and show it at brickworld, nto sure if they would like me to have it or not.

    Enjoy the sneak peek :)

     the wing

  • On Brick Printing

    Well, i dont want to open a can of worms, but: I really do not like putting stickers on my LEGO(r) bricks, simply because it further limits what i can do with those bricks, and mainly because, well they end up getting tattered and battered, and the look ordinary.  Printed bricks on the other hand are awesome in that they last and last and last, and they look a whole heap more professional!

    So, for my latest Brickvention project, the Airbus A380, i thought it would be a great opportunity to see how they turn out, and the costs involved around it.

    So i made contact with a guy who works for LEGO as a master model builder, who does some work on the side, printing and engraving bricks, so we thrashed out the printing needs, and had a lot of different stuff done, here is a few pictures.


    As you can see the quality is brilliant, im extatic witht hat, and the whole look of the model has now gone to a new level of professionalism.

    Yes it did cost a lot, but as you can see, lookes great!.

    I also had some minifig torso's done up, so if you want to buy one off me, you can get one at brickvention, or grab me via e-mail.


    Lots more news to be posted including our first set will be for sale shortly, mini Airbuses!

    - TheBrickMan

  • Brickvention 2010

    Registrations are now open for Brickvention 2010!

    Brickvention is Australia’s own LEGO convention and it’s only a few months away so now is the time to register for the event.

    Brickvention 2010 will be held over the weekend just before Australia Day (January 22nd to 24th) in Melbourne, Australia and promises to be an exciting event.

    Following on from the success of the previous years, there will be new competitions, presentations, demonstrations and lots of interesting things to see and do.

    MOC competitions for 2010 include:

    Best in Show
    ·      Modular Houses
    ·      Town Layouts
    Other (doesn’t fit into any other category)

    Apart from the awesome MOC display, there will be some old and new competitions; trade tables and a special Brickvention Set inspired by Princess Mary of Denmark.

    We have twice the display space for 2010 so make sure you register early to guarantee enough room for your MOCs, dioramas and sets. We want this to be the best Brickvention ever!

    The organising committee are all really excited about the event and can’t wait to meet lots of other AFOLs from all over Australia and around the world.

    Want to know about the event? Want to Register?
    Check out the website at http://www.brickventures.com

  • Airbus Work in Progress

    I've been asked by a lot of people to share my progress on my latest large MOC, my Airbus A380.

    Normally i am loathed to take and share pictures of Work in Progress, as so much can change and may not have finished parts or certain details.

    Which is the case here, i have just done the basic outer shell.

    Airbus A380 WIP

    The final model is around 2.8 Meters long, split down the middle to show the interior, has funny integrated NXT functions:

    • Front Landing Gear doors
    • Front Lowering/Retracting Landing Gear
    • Front Cargo Doors
    • Twin Rear landing Gear Doors
    • Twin rear Lowering/Retracting Landing Gear
    • Tail Ailerons
    • Tail Rudder
    • Landing flaps on wings
    • Airbrakes

    Its so far used around 35,000 peices with at least that much again still to come.

    This thing is going to easily going be the largest MOC i have ever created.

    It will be unveilled at Brickvention 2010:   www.brickventures.com

    Stay tuned for more pictures, also your chance to own MINI airbus A380's which ill be makign and have for sale :)

  • New Galleries Added!

    Three new Galleries have been added!

    These Galleries are from items i made for our Local LEGO(r) users group meetings.

    Each month we have a different theme which forces us tot hink outside the box! - pardon the pun.

    Check out:
    Cher's famous Music Video!
    Nintendo Manhole
    Zombie SentryBot 1.0

  • Lots of New Stuff!



    There are 5 new galleries available, all minifig scale.

    Including one of my favourite MOC's from the classic movie Ferris Beullers Day Off.
    Also watch out for a classic scene from the movie Rainman
    • Touring Bus
    • Cameron, You Killed the car!
    • Catch of the day
    • Lots of Queens
    • Big Wheels

    See the galleries section for all the pictures.

    There are a few other very large scale projects i am working on right now, including a 50,000 piece monster, which includes some NXT functions, this will be the largest work I have ever done and will be shown at Brickvention in 2010 

    I am also in the process of sortingf several hundred thousand bricks which have been sitting in tubs, I so need to get organised!  I need Brickman Jr to come to the rescue!


  • Store now open

    The brickmans store is now open.

    This is where i sell all my Lego that is surplus to requirements, thousands of bricks and parts from the large scale mocs that I have made in the past, or I simply do not need the parts for anymore.

    They are in very large quantities and are priced to clear.

    check out my store today:


    Buying these parts helps me raise funds for my new projects, such as the 30,000 part model im working on right now!


    The Brickman

  • Brickvention 2009 Part III

    Well its over!  Brickvention 2009 has finished.

    And i have to say what  brickvention it was, we had a new record attendance on sunday just over 1000 people coming through the doors, a totally amazing number, and i have to say a couple of special moments for me, especially seeing the mums and dads looks on thier faces as they saw the MOC's we had all put together, was awesome.

    I've put up a few photo's of my MOC's from BV'09 in their respective categories, the Eiffel Tower, the Oil Rig and the Team Castle build, they have all the finished and final details added.

    I learnt so much From brickvention some amazing new build techniques, some amazing moc's and most of all and amazing few days.

    Thanks to everyone involved it rocked!.

  • Brickvention 2009! Part II

    Well Brickvention 2009 is half over, with just the public day to go.

    As always some utterly brilliant MOC's made by people, and a lot of people i have not met before, so was totally great.

    I counted at least 20 new build techniques that i have not seen before, nor even remotely thought of using, peoples creativity totally amazes me!

    A huge thank you goes out to the organisers of brickvention, being a volunteer is never easy and they have done a wonderful job, kudos to Sue Ann (and her husband), Derek, Trav, Scott, Rosco and anyone else i have missed.  Thank you! 

    Some Highlights:

    Teunis's cathederal, the Team castle build, amazing stuff!
    David's Moonbase.
    Pauls giant Space Ship
    The ultimate Belville collection.
    Tim's amazing cars, such detail!
    the Spirit of Tasmania
    Aaron's Eureka Tower
    All the way cool Star wars sets, many i had never seen before.

  • Brickvention 2009!

    Brickvention 2009 is but a couple of days away!

    I have completed most of my sculptures for the event, and will begin transporting them tomorrow!

    Many dozens of photos will be forthcoming, Or you can see them in person, Victoria University, level 12 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne

    www.brickventures.com has all the details.



  • More new galleries

    I have updated the Castle Team build Moc page with shots of the Banquet hall.

    I have also added my 5 Power function oil rig! in all its glory.

    See the gallery section for photos
  • Graphic Designer Wanted!

    Ok, there are plenty of you out there no doubt!

    What i am looking for is a talented graphic designer to come up with a logo for me to use, have plastered on the website and generally be cool to stick everywhere.

    Im willing to pay for it with Paypal or some sort of lego/brick services Cool

    Either way, use the contact me form, and lets make this play funky!

  • New Galleries

    I have added 4 Galleries of my current projects as well as my just finished ones, ill try get through the archive of my old stuff and post them too, lots of goodies!
  • City #7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review


    #7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review


    • This set is a real gem!
    • Awesome different build techniques.
    • the Life raft uses some great Studs not on top techniques.
    • 4 minfigs, plus a shark!
    • the power rope retractor rocks.
    • Lots of new parts.
    • Brilliant Playability, high "Swoosh" factor.


    • That big ugly plane tail part, but ill give marks because it got used again.
    • They used the wrong shark, why the new agents shark wasnt used is totally beyond me.
    • Stickers!  come on Lego®, this is just about covered in stickers, print em on some bricks for a change!
    • Its a tad on the expensive side.

    Rating:  92/100

    MSRP: AUD $59.99 - Kmart had a great sale on these for $45.99

    Would I buy this set again?

    Yes is sure would, totally wicked set, huge playability, great re-usable parts, the life raft is almost a peice of art, 4 minifigs, this this is the bee's knee's a must for any lego collector. 


    {JFBCComments xid=57}

  • City #7942 Off Road Fire Rescue Review


    #7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue Review


    • Good Playability.
    • Good value For money.
    • Good Minifig accessories.


    • Nothing new as far as build goes.
    • A lot of repetitive parts. - yes i caught you Lego® trying to save money tsk tsk!

    Rating:   75/100

    MSRP: AUD $14.99 - was relatively rare set, cheapest i found was $12.99 cant remember where.

    Would you buy this set again?

    Whilst this is my least favourite set from the fire series, yes because it makes for the complete set. But spend a lil bit more and get the fire truck it leaves this one for dead.

  • City #7239 Fire Truck Review


    #7239 Fire Truck Review


    • Awesome Playability.
    • Great use of some unusual parts.
    • love the combination of a boat, I mean what fire truck tows a boat?, but somehow this makes the set even cooler.
    • Two minifigs and accessories makes this a much more playable set, one guy up the ladder one doing somethign else.
    • Very good build tehniques.
    • Brilliant Value for money


    • Was very hard to find in stores, not sure what the logstics of this set was, but was real hard to find.

    Rating:  89/100

    MSRP:  $34.99 But never found it in a store anywhere, so had to get from overseas, boo Lego®!

    Would i buy this set again?

    Most definatly

  • City #7241 Fire Car Review


    #7241 Fire Car Review


    • Fun little set.
    • Great minifig and accessories.
    • Good Reusable parts.
    • Great value


    • None of any significance at this price point!

    Rating:  88/100

    MSRP: AUD $6.99 - I have seen this for $5.49 at K-Mart

    Would i buy this set Again?

    Yes its neat


  • City #7991 Garbage Truck Review


    #7991 Garbage Truck Review


    • Great use of an unusual colour in Orange.
    • Great playability, perfect for any town.
    • Excellent value for money.
    • Hardly Any use of stickers - nice one Lego®!


    • Like a lot of other sets in this release needs another minifig, one to drive while one does the work, however can understand due to the price point.

    Rating:    86/100

    MSRP:  AUD $19.99 - Lowest i saw was $14.99 at Big W

    Would i buy this set again?

    Yes i sure would!

  • City #7992 Container Stacker Review


    #7992 Container stacker Review


    • Fits in brilliantly with the 7992 Harbour - the containers are the same.
    • Good use of green bricks and plates.
    • Great Playability.
    • Good build technique


    • Only the one minifig, this one was screaming out for a second one, with paddles telling the guy to go up/down/left/right.
    • Poor value for money parts wise. - its the smae price as the transport truck and forklift! which is 2x a better set!
    • Those big boxy panels again, they are really ahrd to use in other places, unless you need walls a plenty.

    Rating:  65/100

    MSRP:    AUD $39.95  - Lowest i have seen is $27.95 - i think at Big W?

    Would i buy this set again?

    Yes i would its a great companion for the container ship, but i wouldnt pay more than $30 bucks for it, at MSRP its a rip off. Ive seen them in the USA for like 15.99 USD!

  • City #7990 Cement Mixer Review

    #7990  Cement Mixer Review


    • First cement mixer model in a number of years.
    • Good playability.
    • Well designed.
    • good peice combinations


    • The big cement mixer barrel peices, its got giant holes in them!!
    • Stickers to show the details.
    • Needed a second minifig.

    Rating:   75/100

    MSRP:  AUD $ 19.99 - lowest i have seet is $14.99 at Target

    Would i Buy this set Again?

    Yes i would, particularly as lego has a lot of construction sets, this really fits in well with them.

  • Castel # set review

    test castle
  • City #7733 Truck & Forklift Review

    7733 imgae

    #7733 Truck and Forklift Review


    • The forklift, its totally neat, not as good as the one in the cargo train but still its a cool forklift, just needs a LPG gas tank on it.
    • Crates, yes the little palletes have the new crates on them, they are cool.
    • The truck is cool with the swinging sections makes for a lot of playability, the articulated trailer also makes for good fun.
    • The minifigs are a good choice.
    • The sticker sheet is also good, but as always, LEGO® print on more bricks, less stickers please!


    • What the hell are the green and yellow drums? , were they Drinking that day or what?
    • The use of the Big white panels, they really mean less playability for people when they make something else with this set.
    • The truck front is like a lot of other lego truck front, but thats not really bad, after all its a truck font..........

    Rating:  81/100 

    MSRP:  AUD $39.99  - lowest i have seen it for was $29.99 at Big W


    Would i buy this set again?

    Yes, its a cool set.

  • Set Reviews

    Here is a list of the Set reviews i have conducted.

    How do sets score? I hear you ask.....

    Well,  Each review gives a score out of 100.  This is made up of a secret forumla only known to the Brick man, and his closest Ally, Brick Woman!, Ok, so not really
    the score is brocken up into 7 sections where the set can earn marks, then this score is added up together to form the total out of 100 score, these sections all have different weights, and can change between product lines, however they all remain consistent within thier product groupings

    Factors Looked at include: Parts used, Build techniques, Set presentation, Set playability, Instructions & Packaging, Value for money and wow factor.

     Sets reviewed broken down by theme: