EXPLORE A WORLD OF EPIC MASTERPIECES MADE WITH LEGO® BRICKS where some of HUMANITY’s most amazing achievements from all over the globe come together in a world’s first fully interactive experience! NOW OPEN AT THE PERTH CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE!




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Ever dreamed of visiting the Empire State Building, Arc De Triomphe, the Great Wall of China and other world-famous landmarks without having to go overseas?
Thanks to Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught you can explore a world of epic masterpieces made with LEGO® bricks, where some of humanity’s most amazing achievements from all over the globe come together in a world first, fully interactive experience.

The global exhibit and ion premiered in Brisbane in 2016 marking the beginning of an Australian tour and has had huge runs at Sydney’s brand new International Convention Centre, Melbourne’s Melbourne Museum and Perth’s Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre!

More than 50 awe-inspring and never-seen-before models are on display, taking visitors on a hands-on journey through history. Some of the models showcased include a giant Arc de Triomphe, Empire State Building with Kong Kong, Big Ben, a Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even Michelangelo’s statue of David all made from LEGO ® bricks!

This world-class exhibition has been proudly made in Australia by Ryan McNaught and his expert team– the only LEGO® Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only 14 in the world. Incredibly, ‘Wonders of the World’ took a jaw-dropping 4,944 hours to build!

“Nothing like this exhibition has ever been seen before, every model is brand new and way more detailed than anything I’ve ever created,” said Ryan McNaught.

Visitors will be taken on a historical, storytelling journey through time, with the opportunity to discover more about each attraction – real life and LEGO® life! and in a huge world first for this event type the public even help build and be part of the model making. for a truly interactive and imaginative experience.

“The exhibition is super interactive with lots of activities for LEGO® fanatics to get involved in. Ever wanted to build a statue of yourself next to the mighty Statue of David? Now is your chance, how about helping build cars to make the traffic jam around the Arc de Triomphe? I’ve got so many things I need help with, hopefully all the budding builders out there are up to the challenge!” added Ryan.

Based in Melbourne with twin sons, Ryan’s greatest concern is that there’s a whole lot of eight year olds out there who want to bump him off to take his job!

Read more on his website:www.thebrickman.com

Wonders of the World
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