Graphic Designer Wanted!

Ok, there are plenty of you out there no doubt! What i am looking for is a talented graphic designer to come up with a logo for me to use, have plastered on the website and generally be cool to stick everywhere. I’m willing to pay for it with Paypal or some sort of lego/brick […]

New Galleries

I have added 4 Galleries of my current projects as well as my just finished ones, ill try get through the archive of my old stuff and post them too, lots of goodies!

City #7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review

#7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review Likes: This set is a real gem! Awesome different build techniques. the Life raft uses some great Studs not on top techniques. 4 minfigs, plus a shark! the power rope retractor rocks. Lots of new parts. Brilliant Playability, high “Swoosh” factor. Dislikes: That big ugly plane tail […]

City #7942 Off Road Fire Rescue Review

#7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue Review Likes: Good Playability. Good value For money. Good Minifig accessories. Dislikes: Nothing new as far as build goes. A lot of repetitive parts. – yes i caught you Lego® trying to save money tsk tsk! Rating:   75/100 MSRP: AUD $14.99 – was relatively rare set, cheapest i found was $12.99 […]

City #7239 Fire Truck Review

#7239 Fire Truck Review Likes: Awesome Playability. Great use of some unusual parts. love the combination of a boat, I mean what fire truck tows a boat?, but somehow this makes the set even cooler. Two minifigs and accessories makes this a much more playable set, one guy up the ladder one doing somethign else. Very […]

City #7241 Fire Car Review

#7241 Fire Car Review Likes: Fun little set. Great minifig and accessories. Good Reusable parts. Great value Dislikes: None of any significance at this price point! Rating:  88/100 MSRP: AUD $6.99 – I have seen this for $5.49 at K-Mart Would i buy this set Again? Yes its neat

City #7991 Garbage Truck Review

#7991 Garbage Truck Review Likes: Great use of an unusual colour in Orange. Great playability, perfect for any town. Excellent value for money. Hardly Any use of stickers – nice one Lego®! Dislikes: Like a lot of other sets in this release needs another minifig, one to drive while one does the work, however can understand […]

City #7992 Container Stacker Review

#7992 Container stacker Review Likes: Fits in brilliantly with the 7992 Harbour – the containers are the same. Good use of green bricks and plates. Great Playability. Good build technique Dislikes: Only the one minifig, this one was screaming out for a second one, with paddles telling the guy to go up/down/left/right. Poor value for […]

City #7990 Cement Mixer Review

#7990  Cement Mixer Review Likes: First cement mixer model in a number of years. Good playability. Well designed. good peice combinations Dislikes: The big cement mixer barrel peices, its got giant holes in them!! Stickers to show the details. Needed a second minifig. Rating:   75/100 MSRP:  AUD $ 19.99 – lowest i have seet is $14.99 […]

City #7733 Truck & Forklift Review

#7733 Truck and Forklift Review Likes: The forklift, its totally neat, not as good as the one in the cargo train but still its a cool forklift, just needs a LPG gas tank on it. Crates, yes the little palletes have the new crates on them, they are cool. The truck is cool with the […]

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