3D mining site.

Created on October 23, 2011 5:05 am

I was recently lucky enough to work on a rather different and unique way to use LEGO bricks, that to be able to create a model of a real life Gold mine!.

The great guys from Minesight over in Western Australia asked me to create an exact replica from their ground breaking Minesight 3D software.
Using a specific scale of a 1×2 Brick to represent a block of earth and the LEGO colour gradient to determine gold density within the ground allowed me to create a physical replica of geological information.

The model is also split in half so you can see the depth to which the seam of gold runs, along with the three phases of the mining operation, all of which are removable.


The LEGO version:


You can see from the removable sections the depth of the model where every brick is accurate to the plans gold density.
This part I am holding is the 3rd phase of the mining operations.