About The Brick Man

The Brickman is a team of skilled LEGO® brick artists and craftspeople led by Ryan McNaught, aka “The Brickman” who never really grew up!  Well that’s not quite true, he has twin sons, but for decades he has been playing with those little plastic bricks called LEGO®.

He is a LEGO® certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2019 he joined Channel Nine’s new hit TV show LEGO Masters Australia as the main competition judge along side host Hamish Blake.

Originally from the corporate world, A Chief Information Officer; Ryan’s creativity was limited and bound by the constraints of his job, however the ability to express and create through a unique medium offered him an amazing opportunity, the ability to create something that both children and adults alike can be inspired by.

Ryan and his team have built some of the worlds most detailed and large LEGO® brick models, and even have the honour of being responsible for building models for LEGO® offices around the globe.

Having produced 4 global touring exhibitions and hundreds of models for museums, galleries and shopping locations around the world, there really isn’t anything that they cannot make out of LEGO® bricks.

Over the years Ryan and his team have won many awards for their works and they maintain a unique style which makes their creations some of the best and most recognisable in the world.

Based in Melbourne Australia, The Brickman team is looking forward to hearing from you with your ideas and inspirations for how you think that LEGO® bricks can be involved in what you do.