The Airbus actually flies!

28 May 2010

Part 1. Airbus June 2010 tour!

As part of a trip to Dallas in June for a wedding, I’m also taking over the giant Airbus A380 (flights courtesy of Qantas!) to Brickworld in Chicago!

This of course poses huge challenges, getting it there, getting it around, setting it up, making it all work, all some 10,000 miles away from home.  I’m going to post every few days with how its all going, and it promises to be quite the challenge.

So ill start off with posting and talking about trip preparation!

Getting it all organised has been quite the effort, I didn’t design the airbus to be taken anywhere except to Brickvention (5 miles down the road), and it does break down into smaller parts ( approx 1ft x 1ft)  but of course it is VERY fragile, and wasn’t designed to be shipped all over the world.

So with some squeezing I have managed to get most of it down into 3 large boxes (as per the picture which is all padded by foam (got offcuts from the local foam store!)  which will protect it as much as can be from what its going to go through.

One of my suitcases will also be half full of parts and packaging for it too, also my father in law Alan will have half his case full of stuff too!

Now Brickworld is the crème de la crème of lego shows and there will be some of the most amazing models on show, and I hope mine is good enough to be shown along with them.

Stay tuned for the blog from the airport where i have to check it in!  The guy from Qantas has assured my that its all good to go, the excess baggage is in play, the internal American Airlines flights are lined up, and even the Captain of the my flight knows what the special cargo is! Way to go Qantas!


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The Airbus actually flies!

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