Airbus Update

Created on December 21, 2009 9:19 pm

Airbus Update,

Well its about time i posted an update on the Airbus,  and posted a little picture 🙂
It is going along really well, i have been very focussed on the NXT side of things, and a bit of programming work for the controlling systems, i had to get some help from some external forums, the guys over at: were awesome and really helped out a lot.

Anyways as you can see the wing is pretty much done, and it weighs a lot!  i have to have quite a few supports underneath it, as none of it is glued, there is a lot of technic inside the wing so it is really quite sturdy, it also breaks down into 4 sections for transport.

It easily been the biggest thing i have ever built, im well over 30k parts now, and i have cleaned out a few bricklink stores of certain types of parts, and im still not sure what i am going to do with it at the end of brickvention. I hope that myabe Qantas are interested in showing it somewhere?   I would also love to take it over to the USA and show it at brickworld, nto sure if they would like me to have it or not.

Enjoy the sneak peek 🙂