Airbus Work in Progress

Created on October 19, 2009 12:46 am

I’ve been asked by a lot of people to share my progress on my latest large MOC, my Airbus A380.

Normally i am loathed to take and share pictures of Work in Progress, as so much can change and may not have finished parts or certain details.

Which is the case here, i have just done the basic outer shell.


The final model is around 2.8 Meters long, split down the middle to show the interior, has funny integrated NXT functions:

  • Front Landing Gear doors
  • Front Lowering/Retracting Landing Gear
  • Front Cargo Doors
  • Twin Rear landing Gear Doors
  • Twin rear Lowering/Retracting Landing Gear
  • Tail Ailerons
  • Tail Rudder
  • Landing flaps on wings
  • Airbrakes

Its so far used around 35,000 peices with at least that much again still to come.

This thing is going to easily going be the largest MOC i have ever created.

It will be unveilled at Brickvention 2010:

Stay tuned for more pictures, also your chance to own MINI airbus A380’s which ill be makign and have for sale 🙂