Behind the Build: LEGO® Britten Bike

Created on March 25, 2020 2:39 pm

Building a life-sized Britten LEGO® brick V-1000 motorcycle was a real challenge. Like the other two life-sized motorcycles we have built, we started with the wheels, working around a central vertical channel to allow for a metal support to keep the model vertical and safe for transport.

LEGO brick Britten motorcycle front wheel being built

The front wheel was built separately first, including detailed disc brakes.

Britten front wheel disc brakes

Although we don’t always do it, with models of fragile vehicles that need to travel overseas we have to glue them together as we go, to ensure they arrive in one piece! This can be especially time-consuming when doing small details and custom designed sections as you can see KC doing here:
Gluing custom LEGO details


Next came the body of bike, built around the steel frame, using cross-crossing braces of bricks across the otherwise empty interior.

LEGO Britten Bike WIP 1 LEGO Britten Bike WIP 2 LEGO Britten Bike WIP 3 LEGO Britten Bike WIP 4

The complex tangle of pipes that make up the V-1000’s exhaust system had to be designed carefully on the computer first and then built using a combination of bricks and plates to get the organic shapes correct:
LEGO Britten Exhaust system WIP
KC spent a long time getting the logos and decals right as well, including the Britten logo, a MOBILE 1 logo as well as the Britten signature surrounded by the red stars of the New Zealand flag:

LEGO MOBILE 1 logo LEGO Britten logo LEGO Britten number 1 LEGO Britten signature stars WIP

The handlebars and speedo were some of the last details to go on before the windshield was built. The plastic you can see in the speedo image is because when we’re working over the top of the exterior of a model we try to protect it  from dust and damage with a plastic dropcloth.

LEGO Britten speedo WIP

LEGO Britten handlebars

LEGO Britten motorcyle build team

You can get a good look at the bike in all its glory thanks to this awesome 360° turnaround (made up of over 40 photos!):