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t’s not often that I look forward to getting home and opening my mail, like most mail nowadays its all bills or junk mail, but after a few weeks travelling to various places I had a rather heavy package waiting for me.

The package was from No Starch Press, who are a publisher of a lot of books about LEGO.  In the past they have released some real gems, so here’s a short review of the books which I received.

Firstly the updated “unofficial LEGO builders guide”


Many years ago I read the first edition of this book, it serves as a very good basic starting point for anyone getting into the hobby, and perhaps more importantly it shows to a younger builder some tips on expanding your modelling skills range.  Its not a reference book which I refer back to, but it’s a good read for a novice, and I would recommend it only to anyone who is new to the hobby and needs a basic introduction.

Secondly, the LEGO Adventure book, vol 1 (which assumes there will be others?)


This was a very good light read, and something which would appeal to children/teens, there is a neat story that flows along and introduces themes to builders, for any child who is into LEGO, this a great inspiration ideas book as well as some cool little models. As a side note you can tell when an author is passionate about a topic it really comes through, this book is a great example of that.

Lastly and the one which interests me the most is the “Unofficial LEGO Technic builders guide”


This book is a gem, I’m a bit of a Technic modeller and this book goes into some great practical details about what works best, including solutions to problems that you will inevitably come across at some stage in your Technic building.  Throughout the book are some great practical examples of ways to strengthen your models (that doesn’t necessarily apply to only Technic models either).

It introduces complex engineering issues and how they are solved, whilst not comprehensive it does cover the basics which most Technic builders will face at some point.

Out of the three, this is by far my favourite as it is an advanced level book aimed at those who are serious about their LEGO.

Like all No Starch Press books, the quality of the books are excellent and very well presented.

I think its great that there are an increasing number of great books about LEGO and perhaps more importantly to me in what I do, books aimed at adults, nice work all round I say.


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