Brickvention 2009! Part II

Created on January 24, 2009 7:45 pm

Well Brickvention 2009 is half over, with just the public day to go.

As always some utterly brilliant MOC’s made by people, and a lot of people i have not met before, so was totally great.

I counted at least 20 new build techniques that i have not seen before, nor even remotely thought of using, peoples creativity totally amazes me!

A huge thank you goes out to the organisers of brickvention, being a volunteer is never easy and they have done a wonderful job, kudos to Sue Ann (and her husband), Derek, Trav, Scott, Rosco and anyone else i have missed.  Thank you!

Some Highlights:

Teunis’s cathederal, the Team castle build, amazing stuff!
David’s Moonbase.
Pauls giant Space Ship
The ultimate Belville collection.
Tim’s amazing cars, such detail!
the Spirit of Tasmania
Aaron’s Eureka Tower
All the way cool Star wars sets, many i had never seen before.