Brickvention 2009 Part III

Created on January 27, 2016 2:01 am

Well its over!  Brickvention 2009 has finished.

And i have to say what  brickvention it was, we had a new record attendance on sunday just over 1000 people coming through the doors, a totally amazing number, and i have to say a couple of special moments for me, especially seeing the mums and dads looks on thier faces as they saw the MOC’s we had all put together, was awesome.

I’ve put up a few photo’s of my MOC’s from BV’09 in their respective categories, the Eiffel Tower, the Oil Rig and the Team Castle build, they have all the finished and final details added.

I learnt so much From brickvention some amazing new build techniques, some amazing moc’s and most of all and amazing few days.

Thanks to everyone involved it rocked!.