Brickvention 2010

Created on January 25, 2010 10:30 am

Well Brickvention 2010 is now over for another year!

It was unquestionably the best brickvention ever, with over 2700 people coming throught he doors on the public day!

The queue to get in went down flinders street, and around into Elizabeth street!.

I was lucky enought his year to be crowned the best in show for 2010 as voted for by the registered attendees on the saturday,
i feel honored and proviliged to win such a title given the amazing stuff that people had built, i have never in my life seen such amazing LEGO creations before.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me, i am truly humbled.

Please check out the gallery for the full pictures of the Airbus,  I am taking it to Brickworld in Chicago in June, which will be a marathon effort, given it weighs 55kgs.


Some Specs on my Qantas Airbus A380:

35,000 Peices
2.2 meters long and 1.8m wide.
Fully automated touchscreen controlled Functions:
Front landing gear door (hitechnic servo)
Front landing gear (NXT motor)
Two rear landing gear dorrs (Hitechnic servo)
Both landing gears powered by one NXT motor.
Front Cargo Door (Hitechnic servo)
Airbrakes on wing (Hitechnic servo)
Landing flaps (NXT motor)
tail fin an rear wing (Hitechnic servo)
Engines (power functions with IR remote)
Landing lights (power functions lights)

Also a huge thanks to Alan my father in law who helped me show it off, he was busy giving the remote control to the kids to fly the plane,
while i was talking about it and answering the myriad of questions.

And Qantas if you are reading this i would LOVE just a little bit of help in getting it stateside 🙂