Brickvention 2020 Spotlight: LEGO® Brick Nordstage keyboard

Created on March 19, 2020 7:51 pm

When our workshop assistant Adam realised that he was going to get to build his first LEGO® brick model for Brickvention he was initially not sure what he could possibly build. But then he hit upon the idea of building a lifesize keyboard.

LEGO keyboard WIP1

He remembered his first keyboard was a giant Nordstage 88- and being fairly rectangular meant he thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to build given he’d never built LEGO since he was a kid!

LEGO keyboard 02

He decided to build it red, as that was the keyboard’s most iconic colour and challenged himself to install working lights in the model. The lights even turn on by sliding a LEGO tile and are powered by the single cable coming out the back, just like the real keyboard!

LEGO keyboard WIP2

Adam spent a long time mapping out the controls, including the angled modulation and pitch controls, to get it as close as he could to a real keyboard.

LEGO keyboard 03

LEGO keyboard 04


He used curved plates mounted sideways for the grille at the back as well as re-creating the Nordstage logo using curved tiles.

LEGO keyboard 05

Watch Adam talk about the build and see some of the working features in action: