Build your own LEGO brick Honda Civic Type R

Created on June 5, 2020 3:04 pm

Ever since people saw the mini LEGO® brick Honda Civic Type R we built in the Honda advert on LEGO Masters Australia people have been asking for instructions on how to make it. You know- this one:
LEGO Honda Civic Type R advert
This year we got to make a new LEGO creation for Honda- a working LEGO RC racetrack! But beyond the giant racetrack model itself ( more on that soon) we had to create mini LEGO brick RC cars that could be driven around the track- so we got to revisit the mini model we made for the advert last year and redesign it so that we could create instructions!

Mt Hondarama Civic Type Rs

This new model is smaller than the one in the advert, but it’s almost just as detailed. This is NOT an easy model to build- it features a lot of SNOT, complex part arrangements and hundreds of parts. As with all our instructions though, don’t stress about colours and parts too much- some of the parts in this model are very new, or hard to find in the numbers we’ve used them, so just use what you have and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

We’ve uploaded 2 sets of instructions. One which is the exact version we built for Honda that uses a now unavailable-in-sets LEGO RC motor ( LEGO Element #4540125 ). While you might happen to have this part, or want to buy it online somewhere like Bricklink, it’s safe to assume most of you won’t have that part, so we made another version without the RC motor with free-spinning wheels like the original model we did for the advert. You will need 390 parts for the RC version and 445 parts for the non-RC-version.

Download the Non-RC version of the instructions HERE or by clicking on the image below.
Download non-RC version instructions

Or if you have the LEGO RC part, download the RC version of the instructions HERE or by clicking on the image below:

Download RC version Instructions