Building LEGO Masters EP 1 Scene: Drain the Ocean

Created on April 21, 2022 3:08 pm

LEGO Masters Season 4 is finally here!

To kick off the first challenge, each team had to build something they thought could be found at the very bottom of the ocean.

The Brickman team built the shipwreck at the centre of this challenge as well as designed the 8 circular round base plates for the contestants to build on.

We began building the rock base along with a few coral pieces.

When building the ship, careful consideration was taken to ensure there were tiny gaps spread throughout so that the water would drain out!

The masts were tricky to build as they had to look worn and thin, but remain strong and sturdy so that it could stay underwater. The anchor was built by Gus who was the winner of last seasons LEGO Masters.

The shipwreck measures to 1.3m long and 1.2m high! It also took 152 hours to build and 32,431 bricks in total

Watch us build the boat in the video below: