Building the LEGO® Masters Bricksmas Tree!

Created on November 24, 2021 12:52 pm

Merry Bricksmas everyone! For the two Christmas LEGO® Masters Australia specials this year we built both a giant LEGO brick Christmas Tree as well as new Christmas-themed version of the LEGO Masters Trophy. The Christmas tree was designed as huge upscaled version ( 16 x to be precise) of a small LEGO build, with giant  LEGO studs 10 x 10 real LEGO studs in diameter. In fact, as a special Bricksmas gift, we’ve created instructions for you to build your own Bricksmas tree!


Each section of the trunk and horizontal section of “leaves” was built as separate elements that could be slotted over a single support stricture. The green cone at the top was one of the trickier elements to get right, but it was still faster to build than the huge flat leaf sections with all those studs!


Ryan was very happy to be able to build both the star and the new Bricksmas Trophy himself! The star was a tricky build, as anything built mainly with transparent bricks is always very limited in what parts you have to use. He also tried to give it the illusion of light coming from within by creating a gradient of cool yellow to orange bricks behind the transparent yellow bricks.


The Bricksmas tree ended up being a REALLY big model- it’s 4.3m tall and just over 2m wide at the base! The build team at LEGO Masters did a great job building extra decorations and the giant presents underneath to really bring the tree to life.


The tree in the end took Ryan and the team 439 hours to design and build, using over 61,794 LEGO bricks! Watch is build it in our timelapse video below: