Building the Scene: Above and Below LEGO Tree

Created on May 17, 2021 9:51 am

How incredible did the life-size LEGO Masters tree look in Sunday’s episode? For the second last episode we made a 3.4m high , 2.5m wide tree for the final 4 teams to build on! The remaining 4 teams had to create something on each branch and with a twist, build something below where there were secret compartments hidden underneath the tree.

Staring with the branches, we built all 4 with a steel support inside so they could securely connect to the tree. These were removable so that the contestants could build on them.

The canopy took the longest, with a lot of bricks used to support the structure! The whole outside was built studs facing down to give the tree a rounder, more fuller look. As we were building outwards, using studs facing down is easier to support the overhang. Thousands of red bricks for the internal support were used as we had lots of them and they are readily available in longer lengths like 2×6 or 2×8 which are essential for larger builds like this! We also try to use a colour that contrasts visually for clarity when building.

With any large model, it has to be split up into sections to maintain social distancing and to easily transport the model later. The tree canopy was built in 3 parts; the left and right half and the one big front section.

To finish off the canopy, we laid baseplates down and built on top with the same green pattern. The trunk was later added and with the tree base this model totalled up to be 3.4m high!

Watch us build the life-size tree here: