Building the Scene: Mars Shuttle

The massive LEGO brick shuttle on LEGO Masters Australia was one of our biggest ever!

We’ve had a lot of experience building space models which definitely helped when designing and building this model. The Saturn V Rocket,  NASA SLS and the upside down hanging shuttle for our Brickman Experience exhibition are the most notable models we’ve previously built.There were multiple sections to this model not only due to the sheer size but to also adhere to social distancing protocols. With any large model, it needs to have a strong internal support, the best method we find to do this is building the inside with a lattice of braces. The fuel tank was the most challenging part to build as we were very low on corner bricks at the time!After the fuel tank, we started building the shuttle beginning with the booster at the base of the model.We then built up and attached the wings with sections left out to add decals like the Australian flag and LEGO Masters logo. The shuttle had doors and multiple compartments inside so that the contestants could create something to take on ‘a mission to Mars’.We also built in lights at the bottom of this model which gave the model life along with the fog machine on set.At over 4m tall, it took us over 775 hours to build – watch the timelapse to find out how many bricks it took!

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Photos from Episode 4:

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Building the Scene: Mars Shuttle

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