Building the Scene: Stopped in Your Tracks

Created on May 10, 2021 2:31 pm

To kick off LEGO Masters Australia Season 3 we built a huge Mountain range with working trains and tracks for the contestants to build around.

This model set the scene for the episode as the aim of the challenge was to create an attraction that would make the train “Stopped in your tracks”.

The most challenging part of this model was building tunnels and trains that worked efficiently around a smooth curve.

We had to build a few test trains to figure out the right size and weight to fit through the tunnels and travel around the mountain.

Did you know we actually built two different style bridges? Half of the track was a grey industrial one fitted with a modern style train.

The other half featured in the upper train track and was a more traditional style, using brick yellow pieces and contained many arches underneath.

This made for a challenge to place the arches in right segments to support the bridge and rounded corners.

Over 4m long and just under a metre tall, this model took us 320 hours to design and build, and totalled up to be 28,612 LEGO bricks!

Watch us build the model here:

Photos from Episode 1: