Building Zion Williamson for NBA2K21 from LEGO® bricks!

Created on March 30, 2021 3:51 pm

Earlier this year we got to build a whole new kind of LEGO® brick model which we can finally reveal- a life-size version of NBA superstar Zion Williamson for NBA 2K21! 😎🏀

Zion Williamson in LEGO

Getting the model’s dynamic pose- looking like he’s about to land an epic slam dunk-was the first challenge. Being a model that was going to need to travel, we reinforced it with steel to make sure it was safe.

The next challenge was making sure it actually looked like Zion and getting his  facial expression right. Its definitely one of the toughest things you can ever do in LEGO we reckon.

We spent a whopping 200 hours and 42,000 LEGO bricks getting all the details just right, including brick-built lettering across his jersey and patterns accurate to the New Orleans Pelicans team. 

Watch Ryan talking about designing this incredible LEGO model and watch us build in NBA2K’s Facebook video below: