Canberra LEGO Certified Store Models!

Created on October 12, 2021 3:12 pm

The models we built for the Canberra LEGO Certified store were actually some of the first ones we finished in 2021, but unfortunately lockdowns meant a major delay in the store’s opening. That said, I think you can agree the store was worth the wait!

For this store we chose to create our minifig posing for a selfie with a giant LEGO® brick Kangaroo!


The biggest design challenge n this model was to create a kangaroo that LOOKED like a LEGO® animal, so our designer spent quite some time getting it right!


We also decided to create a selfie image as a brick-built mosaic within the giant LEGO phone.


As with all the LC stores around the country we also built a huge mosaic for the store- which of course had to be Canberra’s iconic Black Mountain complete with colourful hot air balloons! This mosaic is actually based on a photo by Erna Glassford, who gave us permission to turn her amazing photo into a LEGO mosaic. You can find more of their work on Instagram under @simplycheecky


In the end our Kangaroo-Selfie minifig took us 394 hours to design and build with over 87,173 LEGO® bricks used in her construction! The Black Mountain mosaic took us a further 103 hours and 11,248 hours to build.

Watch us build the kangaroo and minifig in our timelapse below!