Castle Hill LEGO Certified Store Models!

Created on November 27, 2021 8:19 am

For Sydney’s third LEGO® Certified store in Castle Hill we decided to make our giant LEGO® minifig a Conservationist cuddling some cute koalas!  We always try to localise our models to make them represent the area of the store and with so  many wildlife parks not far from Castle Hill, it gave us the perfect excuse to build some more cute Australian animals!
Below you can see the build team for our conservationist minifig, from left, Stefan, Ry and Greg.


We’ve built a few LEGO brick koalas before, notably for our giant 10m tall Christmas tree in 2014 and for our Awesome exhibition, but the scale was smaller on this model so we had to design these from scratch.
We took advantage of some of techniques we developed in our Jurassic World dinosaurs for the koalas, especially their eyes.
You can also see, as with all our big public models, we need to build around a steel support. This is to make sure the model is 100% safe for the public to touch and pose with!


For the store mosaic we chose to build a view across Fagan Park, which is further north of Castle Hill, close to Galston, but it features a beautiful lake and bridge which made for a perfect mosaic.


All up, Conservationist minifig took us a 259 hours to design and build, using 739,125 LEGO® bricks!
The Fagen Park mosaic took an further 193 hours and 23,296 LEGO® bricks to build.
Watch us the build the minifig in our timelapse below: