City #7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review

Created on November 22, 2008 12:35 am

#7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review


  • This set is a real gem!
  • Awesome different build techniques.
  • the Life raft uses some great Studs not on top techniques.
  • 4 minfigs, plus a shark!
  • the power rope retractor rocks.
  • Lots of new parts.
  • Brilliant Playability, high “Swoosh” factor.


  • That big ugly plane tail part, but ill give marks because it got used again.
  • They used the wrong shark, why the new agents shark wasnt used is totally beyond me.
  • Stickers!  come on Lego®, this is just about covered in stickers, print em on some bricks for a change!
  • Its a tad on the expensive side.

Rating:  92/100

MSRP: AUD $59.99 – Kmart had a great sale on these for $45.99

Would I buy this set again?

Yes is sure would, totally wicked set, huge playability, great re-usable parts, the life raft is almost a peice of art, 4 minifigs, this this is the bee’s knee’s a must for any lego collector.