City #7992 Container Stacker Review

Created on November 21, 2008 11:23 pm

#7992 Container stacker Review


  • Fits in brilliantly with the 7992 Harbour – the containers are the same.
  • Good use of green bricks and plates.
  • Great Playability.
  • Good build technique


  • Only the one minifig, this one was screaming out for a second one, with paddles telling the guy to go up/down/left/right.
  • Poor value for money parts wise. – its the smae price as the transport truck and forklift! which is 2x a better set!
  • Those big boxy panels again, they are really ahrd to use in other places, unless you need walls a plenty.

Rating:  65/100

MSRP:    AUD $39.95  – Lowest i have seen is $27.95 – i think at Big W?

Would i buy this set again?

Yes i would its a great companion for the container ship, but i wouldnt pay more than $30 bucks for it, at MSRP its a rip off. Ive seen them in the USA for like 15.99 USD!