LEGO Mosaics

LEGO® Mosaics are one of Ryan’s most requested pieces of art.

Over the years Ryan has pretty much managed to make every size and shape of mosaic there is.

They are truly unique and are probably the most eye catching type of art he is asked to make.

Ryan has made all sizes of mosaics from tiny ones that fit in your hand up to full Billboard sized ones, and even ones which have been entered in the famous Archibald prize for portraiture! However making them is hard work, they take a lot of time to make (they are all handmade) and they use a lot of bricks, the largest one he has made used over 650,000 bricks!!!

You too can own an original Ryan McNaught mosaic, prices are below and depending upon his current project workload can take anywhere from a week up to a month.   If you are keen just contact him and he can get the ball rolling on your very own totally unique piece of art.

Each mosaic comes totally glued, mounted on a wood backing board (ready for hanging) and is personally signed with a message from Ryan.

The Brickman

The Brickman