Dinosaurs on The Tan!

Created on March 11, 2021 4:27 pm

After two years of designing and building, we were thrilled to surprise people at The Tan Track in Melbourne with an up-close preview of our latest exhibition opening April 1.

The three dinosaurs we took to The Tan were Blue, a fan favourite Velociraptor, and two adorable baby Triceratops and Sinoceratops. The world-first exhibition features more than 50 of the most complex and challenging models we have ever created.

Ryan had to keep the dinos fed throughout the day, with LEGO bricks of course to keep them happy!

Believe it or not, we made our Velociraptor Blue life size- she’s over 3.5m long! The model uses a combination of Sand Blue and Earth Blue bricks to capture her iconic striped design, as well as a collection of different shades to create some wonderful patterns and textures.

We’re so excited to take Melbourne on this epic world-first adventure from April 1 to May 31. Tickets are on sale now!