What sorts of structures are on display?

Over 60 works built by Ryan McNaught, using over 5 million LEGO® bricks, with over a dozen models never seen in public before. PLUS Ryan’s colleagues, the other LEGO® certified professionals from all around the world have made a model around the transport theme, each relating directly to their native country.

What makes these models so special?

Ryan’s LEGO® models hold a lot of different records, tallest, biggest, most bricks used, largest mosaic, most minifigs used in a single model, you name it Ryan’s models have pushed the envelope of LEGO model building. This is the first time they have all been assembled together for an exhibition.

What will I learn about these huge models?

Ryan has included a behind the scenes look on each model, including pictures and information about and during the build process, these never before pictures give you access to the secrets of these mega models.

Who is this Ryan McNaught guy anyway?

Ryan McNaught is a LEGO® Certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world, its Ryan’s job to make LEGO® models for toy stores and department stores all around the Asia Pacific region, he is the guy that has built famous models such as a 4m tall Darth Vader and a 10m tall Christmas tree in Sydney’s Pitt Street mall.

For more information visit his website: www.thebrickman.com

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