Q: When doing commissions, how long do they take?

A: Well that really depends on how large your item is, how detailed it is and what other work is currently underway. I usually have parts in stock for all but the most extreme jobs or jobs which require unusual colours.

Q: How much does your work cost?

A: Prices vary dramatically based on your requirements, usually mosaics start at around $400 AUD, and go upwards from there.  Individual models are based on size and complexity, a good rule of thumb is models up to 30cm in size cost several hundred, items up to a meter in size are in the thousands and items over a meter, well you get the picture.

Q: What is the quality of your work like?

A: I only use 100% LEGO in my models, I do not use any other inferior products. Based on your requirements, some models may have internal steel structure and can be glued. Quality is at the forefront of everything I do.

Q: Do you run LEGO events?

A: Yes I often combine displaying some of my models with an interactive event. Shopping centres, conferences and trade shows have all been great successes. The models themselves are a fantastic drawcard for sheer wow factor.

Q: Have you won any Awards for your LEGO creations?

A: Yes I have been very lucky and won a few, winning the best in show at Brickvention – Australia’s Largest LEGO show twice, and also finishing in the top 4 at Brickworld, the USA’s largest LEGO show. In July 2011 I was lucky enough to win best MEGA creation at brickworld in Chicago for my 250,000 piece Love Boat model.

Q: How many LEGO parts do you have?

A: It fluctuates, but it is safe to say that I have the largest inventory in Australia, at last count it was over 5 million bricks

Q: Do you sell LEGO parts and sets?

A: No I do not, retail stores & LEGO shop at home are your best bet for purchasing sets with LEGO shop at home offering a great Pick-a-brick service.

Q: Why don't the pictures of your LEGO sets have the stickers applied?

A: Well I am one of those crazy fool purists who doesn’t apply their stickers, but rather files them away for some sort of future use (never likely to happen)  also I reuse parts, so no point applying stickers if it makes the part obsolete!

Q: Some of your sets have stickers applied right?

A: Yes you have me there only the 10188 Death star and the Passenger train have them applied because they are really needed to show off certain features.

Q: How do you store and organise your LEGO?

A: With great difficulty, actually not really as I have my bricks organised by type and colour it makes for some pretty good organisation, the smaller parts get put into sorter boxes, organising LEGO is a task in itself!

The Brickman

The Brickman