How Ridiculous smash our LEGO balls!

Created on August 20, 2019 9:14 am

A few months ago LEGO sent us through a particularly awesome job- to make lots of LEGO® brick balls for the boys from How Ridiculous to throw off their tower!

All together we made 10 models, including 7 bowling balls, 1 basketball, 1 watermelon and a mammoth 30kg solid LEGO® ball!
How Ridiculous Models

We made 2 of the smaller bowling balls solid, but the rest of the models we made as hollow as possible so we could fill them with loose LEGO® bricks so they would make a great visual when they hit the ground!
LEGO watermelon LEGO basketball

The solid LEGO® ball took us a week to build and took over 20,000 LEGO pieces!
LEGO giant ball

Watch us build the balls here:

Then watch the How Ridiculous video here to see how they go!