Building Team New Zealand’s AC75 America’s Cup super yacht from LEGO!

As part of bringing Brickman AWESOME to Auckland Museum we’ve also built a brand new LEGO brick model just for Auckland- a version of Team New Zealand’s epic AC75 super yacht that will compete in this year’s America’s Cup in Auckland!

The AC75 is an amazing piece of nautical engineering  and features some very specific features we had to recreate such as the canting hydrofoils.

By far the biggest challenge for us building a LEGO version was recreating the imagery, logos and designs on the sails, which we mostly achieved using layers and layers of LEGO plates in several different directions at once!

The model itself was proudly installed in the magnificent South Atrium of Auckland Museum late last week for the public to see, just in time for the 36th America’s Cup race to be held on Waitematā Harbour in Auckland.

In the end the yacht took our build and design team 210 hours to create and used 23,647 LEGO pieces!

Watch us building in our Youtube clip below:

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Building Team New Zealand's AC75 America's Cup super yacht from LEGO!

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