Create your own LEGO Masters Australia Apartment Tower!


LEGO Masters Australia’s Apartment challenge was a tricky one to design- we has to create a frame that was strong enough to support 36 floors+ a roof, be empty enough that the contestants could make it whatever they wanted to AND be able to hinge open!

This design was one we did by hand, with an original prototype built and then copied. 36 times over! We’ve had a tonne of requests to release a file of the apartment frame, so we’ve re-created it in LDD and uploaded it here for you to use!

Whether you want to recreate the challenge from the show for yourself, or just want to build a cool building, you can! Don’t worry if you don’t have every part or in the right colours- this is all about getting creative and letting your imagination run free!

Once you have opened the file in LDD, you can create instructions by clicking the view menu and selecting “Building Guide Mode”, or just pressing F7

If you haven’t already got it, you can also download LDD for free HERE.