Create your own LEGO Masters Australia Clouds!


For episode 1 of LEGO Masters Australia’s series 2 we created one of our biggest models of the show- our massive light-up volcano! We also designed and built all 8 contestant islands. On top of this ( literally) we built 6 LEGO brick clouds to float above the islands.

The clouds we created for the show we designed digitally, sculpting them freehand then building them from real bricks, layer by layer. As hanging models though, they also had to include some kind of LEGO Technic core that they could be safely hung from above the studio floor. We created 3 different designs of clouds to give them some variety.

While the clouds we designed for the show are too large for most to build at home, we thought we could give you a cloud design you can more easily build at home!  We’ve built it using a fantastic free digital LEGO building tool- and uploaded the instructions for you to try at home! Don’t worry if you don’t have every part or in the right colours- this is all about getting creative and letting your imagination run free!

You could make this a dark storm cloud with lightning, a bright rainbow cloud or a secret spaceship disguised as a cloud!

If you haven’t already got it, you can also download STUD.IO for free HERE.