Create your own LEGO Masters Minifig Head case!

How to Build a Minifig Head case

For episode 2 of LEGO Masters Australia’s series 2 the contestants had to pick a random LEGO® minifig to build their model around -BUT they had no faces!

We then created a LEGO brick built case that Hamish could use to offer different minifig heads to the contestants to choose from. And it turns out everyone loved it!

So we’ve recreated the case in ( a fantastic free digital LEGO building program) and made instructions for you to build you’re on minifig head display case! We’ve updated the borders of the inside to be red, but you can make them black like the show, or just use whatever colour parts you would like! The case fits 78 different heads and while we’re put 78 heads in the instructions, just fill your case with whichever heads you have!

As with all our builds, don’t feel you need to recreate it exactly the same- use whatever parts ad colours you have and have fun! Decorate the outside of the box however you’d like- get creative and have fun!

If you haven’t already got it, you can also download STUD.IO for free HERE.

Minifig Head Case_Insta_v3b