Marion LEGO Certified Store models!

Created on March 2, 2021 2:39 pm

We can finally reveal the models we built for the new (ish) LEGO Certified store at Westfield Marion in Adelaide!  (Like the Highpoint cricketer, we built the models early last year in 2020 just before the pandemic hit, and the opening of the Marion store was also delayed thanks to the COVID pandemic.)

As with all of the LEGO Certified Stores around Australia and New Zealand, we built both a giant LEGO minifig and a mosaic for the store. For the mosaic we couldn’t go past the Glenelg Jetty at sunset.

We really wanted to build a cyclist and Ryan really wanted to pay homage to a certain LEGO Masters’ co-host’s love of bike riding.

Being a full-public-can-touch-and-climb-on model we had to make sure the model was safe. This meant we had to add steel supports into the model- which wasn’t easy to do with a LEGO bike!

If you look closely you’ll also see that our cyclist has  run over a bunch of nails- which certainly explains his expression!

In the end the LEGO minifig Hamish on his bike took the Brickman build team 283 hours to design and build, using a whopping 73,979 LEGO bricks!

Watch it being built in the timelapse below: