Myer’s new Harry Potter Lenticular LEGO® mosaic!

Created on November 6, 2019 12:08 pm

The massive 500sqm basement of the flagship Myer Melbourne store on Bourke Street Mall has been transformed into an entire Harry Potter world and we were asked to build something totally new for us- a lenticular LEGO mosaic that changes depending on what angle you look at it!

Harry Potter Lenticular LEGO Mosaic Harry Side Harry Potter Lenticular LEGO Mosaic Voldemort Side

The mosaic features both Harry Potter and Voldemort as LEGO minifigures on their respective Hogwarts House colour backgrounds- red and yellow for Gryffindor and grey and green for Slytherin.

Harry Potter Lenticular LEGO Mosaic House sigils closeup

To create the mosaic so that it could change from one image to the other depending on which angle you view it from we had to essentially make 2 mosaics from LEGO 1 x 1 cheese slopes going in opposite directions on the same baseplate, alternating between each mosaic between vertical stripes of pieces.

Harry Potter Lenticular LEGO Mosaic Voldemort closeup

Altogether it took us 193 hours and 51,470 slopes and tiles to create. It was a tough build- we kept having turn our heads sideways to make sure we got the design right! The mosaic ended up HUGE- 1.6m wide and 2.6m tall! These photos on Hot or Not show you just how big it is! If you go to Myer Bourke St, make sure you check it out.