New Zealand’s first LEGO® Certified Store!

Created on November 1, 2019 9:00 am

For NZ’s first LEGO® Certified Store in Newmarket, Auckland we built an enormous upside-down bungy jumper LEGO® minifig!
This giant minifig took us 119.5 hours and 39,722 LEGO® bricks to build!

It’s the only one we built upside down from head to feet. The water was a challenge to build as not only did it need strength in the layers to hold the weight of the minifig, the blues were a challenging colour to build with.

Because of the peculiar layout of the store, we also built a tall LEGO Mosaic backdrop for the bungy jumping minifig of the original bungy jumping Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. This mosaic took 119.5 hours and 39,733 LEGO® bricks to build. This mosaic was placed behind the bungy guy model to make the model really look like he was bungee jumping.

We also built the largest mosaic we’ve ever built for the store- measuring over 2.8m high and 7.2m wide! The Auckland skyline mosaic took 577 hours and 318,208 LEGO® bricks to build.


Please tag @brickmanexhibitions if you take any photos with our models or mosaics! We would love to see them!