On Brick Printing

Created on November 28, 2009 1:03 am

Well, i dont want to open a can of worms, but: I really do not like putting stickers on my LEGO(r) bricks, simply because it further limits what i can do with those bricks, and mainly because, well they end up getting tattered and battered, and the look ordinary.  Printed bricks on the other hand are awesome in that they last and last and last, and they look a whole heap more professional!

So, for my latest Brickvention project, the Airbus A380, i thought it would be a great opportunity to see how they turn out, and the costs involved around it.

So i made contact with a guy who works for LEGO as a master model builder, who does some work on the side, printing and engraving bricks, so we thrashed out the printing needs, and had a lot of different stuff done, here is a few pictures.




As you can see the quality is brilliant, im extatic witht hat, and the whole look of the model has now gone to a new level of professionalism.

Yes it did cost a lot, but as you can see, lookes great!.

I also had some minifig torso’s done up, so if you want to buy one off me, you can get one at brickvention, or grab me via e-mail.


Lots more news to be posted including our first set will be for sale shortly, mini Airbuses!

– TheBrickMan