Perth LEGO Certified Store Models!

Created on October 28, 2021 12:00 pm

For Perth’s first LEGO store in Karrinyup we had the task of building both a giant LEGO minifigure as well as a mosaic for the store wall. Being the first store in WA we couldn’t go past a chance to build some of WA’s most iconic creatures- some Quokkas!

When it came to building this model we decided to add not only 1 Quokka, but 3!  One of them has even stolen the minifig’s phone and is taking their own selfie! We built the “selfie” image in the phone as a mosaic as well. In the images below you can see our resident Western Australian builder Darren starting work on the crate the selfie Quokka is standing on. You can clearly see the steel here at work too. This is because the model will be right in the middle of the store and needs to be 100% safe for the public to touch and pose with!

Of course for Perth’s first ever LEGO store we had to do the Swan River, including some black swans, for the mosaic.

All up, our Quokkas and minifig took us a whopping 450 hours to design and build, using 75,667 LEGO® bricks!

The Swan River mosaic took an additional 128 hours and 15,681 LEGO® bricks to build.

Watch us the build the minifig in our timelapse below: