Pieces for Peace Melbourne Bollart

Created on August 10, 2017 9:00 am

In January 2017 Melbourne was victim to an unthinkable tragedy involving a car mounting the footpaths of Bourke Street and many innocent lives lost. That event coupled with recent attacks in London have lead to the temporary installation of depressing anti-terror concrete bollards on footpaths across the city. In true Melbourne spirit, artists from all over have come to add their creative flair to help brighten up the bland reminders peppered throughout the city.

We here at the Brickman thought we could also help the cause to beautify the bollards and decided to participate in some quick popup bollart on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets. 

In order to get the block assembled on site as quickly as we could we designed and prebuilt some of the more detailed sections like the tram front and lettering in our workshop before bringing them into the city:
Bollard Art WIP 1

With the help of the public we were able to complete the block in just over 2 hours!  Here’s a few photos of the block in progress:

Bollart in progress 1

Bollart in progress 2 Bollart in progress 3 Bollart in progress 4 Bollart in progress 5


Bollart WIP 11

Thank you to all the Melbournians for the words of support and the helping hands! You can see a tonne of amazing photos of the finished block on social media under the hashtag #PiecesForPeace 

Team Bollart

Pieces for Peace