LEGO Masters is back in 2021 for Season 3!  Ryan is back as judge along side host Hamish Blake. We’re so excited to be helping bring another whole new series of LEGO brick-built wonder and creativity to Australia’s screens this year.

We’re especially hoping the show helps kids and families re-discover their imagination and creativity during the pandemic and the seismic shifts it’s having on our world.

Following the smash-hit success of last year we’ve been working hard on developing and testing all-new challenges for the show as well as building some truly massive LEGO models that will appear at different times!

LEGO Masters Australia Season 3 starts Monday 19th April 7:30pm on Channel Nine!
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We’ll be adding exclusive BTS content here as the series progresses – be sure to check back after each episode!


Building the Scene: Stopped in Your Tracks

To kick off LEGO Masters Australia Season 3 we built a huge Mountain range with working trains and tracks for the contestants to build around. This model set the scene for the episode as the aim of the challenge was to create an attraction that would make the train "Stopped in your tracks". The most [...]

Building the Scene: Mars Shuttle

The massive LEGO brick shuttle on LEGO Masters Australia was one of our biggest ever! We've had a lot of experience building space models which definitely helped when designing and building this model. The Saturn V Rocket,  NASA SLS and the upside down hanging shuttle for our Brickman Experience exhibition are the most notable models we've previously built. There [...]

Building the Scene: Above and Below LEGO Tree

How incredible did the life-size LEGO Masters tree look in Sunday's episode? For the second last episode we made a 3.4m high , 2.5m wide tree for the final 4 teams to build on! The remaining 4 teams had to create something on each branch and with a twist, build something below where there were [...]