The LOVE boat

Created on January 27, 2011 8:48 am

The Love Boat!

Well my latest and greatest project has now had its grand unveiling, or should I say its launch!

  • My largest ever creation, just over 250,000 pieces.
  • Just over 3 meters long and over 1 meter high.
  • Over 450 minifigs enjoying a fabulous cruise and the best holiday they have ever had!
  • Full of power functions, the anchor, bow thrusters, the lifeboat raise/lower, the propeller, and the rudder at the rear.
  • The ship of course has all the Love Boat crew on-board as well as a whole series of 80’s washed up TV stars including none other than the Hoff!

I plan on taking the ship to Chicago in June for Brickworld.
If anyone wants to have the boat shown at an event, I’ll have it in decent condition up until the end of February when I’ll get it sent state side.

Enjoy more pics in my Gallery or in my Flickr pages.