Throwback Thursday LEGO® Brick Rouse Hill Farm

Created on October 26, 2017 12:30 pm

For these week’s Throwback Thursday we’re going all the way back to … May this year! In what was one of our biggest collaborative projects, Sydney Living Museums​ commissioned us to build a 3.5 m x 1.5m replica of the historic Rouse Hill House and Farm​ in Sydney.

Actual Rouse Hill 1

Rouse Hill Model 01

Rouse Hill Model 09

It was so big in fact the whole workshop worked on it with each of us constructing different buildings to match the photo references we had as closely as possible:
Actual Rouse Hill 2
Rouse Hill Model 02

Actual Rouse Hill 3
Rouse Hill Model 03

We took pains to match as much detail as we could, from rusty piles of farm equipment to old sheds and gardens:
Actual Rouse Hill 4
Rouse Hill Model 04

Actual Rouse Hill 5
Rouse Hill Model 05

Actual Rouse Hill 05

Rouse Hill Model 06

Rouse Hill Model 07 Rouse Hill Model 08

We also gave the main homestead our trademark cutaway treatment to showcase the interior details:
Rouse Hill Cutaway1

Rouse Hill Cutaway2

If you’re in Sydney make sure you head to Rouse Hill Farm​ and check it out!

Watch Ryan talk about building the farm here: