Throwback Thursday LEGO® DUPLO train

Created on September 14, 2017 8:00 am

This week we’re talking DUPLO! Earlier this year we built a super-sized DUPLO train from this year’s new sets so big you can sit in it.

LEGO DUPLO Train build team

Or even ride in!

We built the train based on the new 2017 DUPLO numbers train set and it was used to showcase the new DUPLO range at a Sydney Toy Fair where visitors could sit in it and get a photo
LEGO DUPLO Train on display
The model highlights how DUPLO and regular LEGO® bricks can interact and in fact we couldn’t have built the details on this model without mixing the 2 types of bricks. The front number and light details (which are printed in the real small DUPLO set) had detail which had to be built in the smaller “resolution” of LEGO bricks:
LEGO DUPLO train fromt detail

We even recreated the hollow studs of DUPLO bricks on the roof even though people are unlikely to see them:
LEGO DUPLO train roof
Our resident DUPLO14 train mechanic Clayton gets to work:
LEGO DUPLO train service

You can watch us build the train on our timelapse video, which also helps give you a sense of how big it really is:

Watch Ryan talk about building the train here: