Throwback Thursday LEGO® Movie logo

Created on September 7, 2017 8:00 am

For this week we’re throwing back to the ENORMOUS 200kg logo we made for The LEGO Movie​! Building the logo on the angle it is on was especially challenging as well working out how to super-size the LEGO​® brick parts the sign is made from.

Given the specific 15 degree angle (on 2 axis no less!) we had to build the sign based on some serious steel supports for safety and transport.

LEGO Movie sign WIP 1

You can see in the picture above and below how we use multicoloured bricks to build up internal supports for large shapes, both to use less bricks as well as make the model lighter.

LEGO Movie sign WIP 2

You can see a test of the steel frame and model from our colleagues overseas in the image below.

LEGO Movie sign WIP 3

Because it has details on so many angles we’ve had to create very specialised ways of transporting the model and keeping it cushioned and safe!

LEGO Movie sign transit
Here’s Ryan with the final logo and our Emmett and Wyldestyle big-figs on the Yellow Carpet of the movie premiere!

LEGO Movie sign on yellow carpet

The sign is a now a permanent part of our travelling Brickman Experience exhibition which is having a final showing in Melbourne at Harbourtown/District Docklands Melbourne from Sept 23rd right through until the 28th January 2018, before we take  it overseas! Make sure you check it out while you can- book your tickets now!

Watch Ryan talk about building the sign here: