Airbus Update

Airbus Update, Well its about time i posted an update on the Airbus,  and posted a little picture 🙂 It is going along really well, i have been very focussed on the NXT side of things, and a bit of programming work for the controlling systems, i had to get some help from some external […]

Brickvention 2010

Registrations are now open for Brickvention 2010! Brickvention is Australia’s own LEGO convention and it’s only a few months away so now is the time to register for the event. Brickvention 2010 will be held over the weekend just before Australia Day (January 22nd to 24th) in Melbourne, Australia and promises to be an exciting […]

Brickvention 2009! Part II

Well Brickvention 2009 is half over, with just the public day to go. As always some utterly brilliant MOC’s made by people, and a lot of people i have not met before, so was totally great. I counted at least 20 new build techniques that i have not seen before, nor even remotely thought of […]

Brickvention 2009!

Brickvention 2009 is but a couple of days away! I have completed most of my sculptures for the event, and will begin transporting them tomorrow! Many dozens of photos will be forthcoming, Or you can see them in person, Victoria University, level 12 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne has all the details.

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