Wonders of the World Brisbane Open & Tour Announced!

Great Barrier Reef

It’s been an epic first week up in Brisbane for our new Wonders of the World exhibition! It was both exhilarating and slightly frightening to show all the models we’ve been working on for over a year to the public for the first time. But seeing the looks on the faces of the kids ( […]

LEGO Books

I recently received some LEGO Books from No Starch Press for review.
Before I get into the books, No Starch Press are somewhat famous amongst LEGO circles now in that they have produced many great LEGO books and produce some amazing quality productions, so its always a pleasure to review their latest and greatest.

I have also travelled a lot recently so took them away with me to read. (timing was perfect!)

So 3 books, 2 of which are very similar (same Authors in fact)

I really enjoyed both of these books and it clearly shows when the authors are subject matter experts, these are very well laid out, great illustrations and really do step through each model well. (although I’m not sure about the character George who explains the book – perhaps he is aimed at a younger audience)

If you are into LEGO cars as a lot of people are, these are definite must haves.

The third book “Beautiful LEGO”

This book came with quite a reputation, not only from the name of the book, but also the Author who has made some amazing LEGO models (and photography) So I was really keen to check this one out. Sadly though I was left quite disappointed by this book, not by its quality or production values, as they are excellent, but rather the subject matter, there is some amazingly poor choices of subject matter in the book given the title.

If you are going to call a book Beautiful LEGO then make sure the subjects are indeed beautiful. don’t get me wrong the creations are special and amazingly well crafted and made by highly skilled craftspeople (way better builders than I), but some of them are far from beautiful.

Some of the selections are very niche AFOL orientated as opposed to mass appeal. If that’s the target market of this book then great, if its not and is aimed at the general public, there are some things which will amaze them and others which they will look at scratching their head wondering how these things made it into a grand sounding book.

I’m just waiting for a book whereby Mike Doyle’s work is featured on its own, that would be worthy of the title “Beautiful LEGO”

City #7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review

#7738 Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft Review Likes: This set is a real gem! Awesome different build techniques. the Life raft uses some great Studs not on top techniques. 4 minfigs, plus a shark! the power rope retractor rocks. Lots of new parts. Brilliant Playability, high “Swoosh” factor. Dislikes: That big ugly plane tail […]

City #7942 Off Road Fire Rescue Review

#7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue Review Likes: Good Playability. Good value For money. Good Minifig accessories. Dislikes: Nothing new as far as build goes. A lot of repetitive parts. – yes i caught you Lego® trying to save money tsk tsk! Rating:   75/100 MSRP: AUD $14.99 – was relatively rare set, cheapest i found was $12.99 […]

City #7241 Fire Car Review

#7241 Fire Car Review Likes: Fun little set. Great minifig and accessories. Good Reusable parts. Great value Dislikes: None of any significance at this price point! Rating:  88/100 MSRP: AUD $6.99 – I have seen this for $5.49 at K-Mart Would i buy this set Again? Yes its neat

City #7991 Garbage Truck Review

#7991 Garbage Truck Review Likes: Great use of an unusual colour in Orange. Great playability, perfect for any town. Excellent value for money. Hardly Any use of stickers – nice one Lego®! Dislikes: Like a lot of other sets in this release needs another minifig, one to drive while one does the work, however can understand […]

City #7992 Container Stacker Review

#7992 Container stacker Review Likes: Fits in brilliantly with the 7992 Harbour – the containers are the same. Good use of green bricks and plates. Great Playability. Good build technique Dislikes: Only the one minifig, this one was screaming out for a second one, with paddles telling the guy to go up/down/left/right. Poor value for […]

City #7990 Cement Mixer Review

#7990  Cement Mixer Review Likes: First cement mixer model in a number of years. Good playability. Well designed. good peice combinations Dislikes: The big cement mixer barrel peices, its got giant holes in them!! Stickers to show the details. Needed a second minifig. Rating:   75/100 MSRP:  AUD $ 19.99 – lowest i have seet is $14.99 […]

City #7733 Truck & Forklift Review

#7733 Truck and Forklift Review Likes: The forklift, its totally neat, not as good as the one in the cargo train but still its a cool forklift, just needs a LPG gas tank on it. Crates, yes the little palletes have the new crates on them, they are cool. The truck is cool with the […]

Set Reviews

Here is a list of the Set reviews i have conducted. How do sets score? I hear you ask….. Well,  Each review gives a score out of 100.  This is made up of a secret forumla only known to the Brick man, and his closest Ally, Brick Woman!, Ok, so not really the score is […]

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