Townsville LEGO Certified Store Models!

Created on October 23, 2021 10:00 am

We are super excited to be able to finally reveal some of the models we built for the new LEGO® certified stores opening in 2021! As with all of the stores so far we built one giant minifig model and a huge mosaic for the new store in Townsville.

The builders, from left, Darren, Eamon, Jordan and Stephan.

For the Townsville store, being one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef, we chose to make our minifig a marine biologist complete with a friendly octopus!

As with most of our large scale builds that a in an open public place, we have to reinforce the model with steel to make sure it is safe. We also create a regular “grid” of overlapping rows of bricks bridging all side of the model. This helps keep it rigid and gives the builders a regular reference.

The toughest part of designing and building the figure was the extra details required for the octopus, as it curls its way around the biologist’s shoulder and holds a pair of flippers and Erlenmeyer flask on her back.

For the mosaic, we, of course, had to depict the city skyline with Castle Hill behind it, all lit up as the sun sets. This mosaic is actually based on a photo by Brock Cook, who gave us permission to turn his amazing photo into a LEGO mosaic. You can find more of his work on Instagram under @keep3rphoto

All up, the Marine Biologist minifig took us 344 hours to design and build, using 53,639 LEGO® bricks!
Our Castle Hill mosaic took an additional 160 hours and 49,512 LEGO® bricks to build.

Watch us the build the minifig in our timelapse below: