Wonders of the World Perth on Today Tonight!


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Ryan introduces his new show Wonders of the World!


Building the Leaning Tower of Pisa!


Building Michelangelo’s Statue of David!


Building The Arc De Triomphe!


Building The Tokyo Subway Map!


Building The Ryugyong Hotel!


Building The Great Pyramid of Giza!


Building Saint Basil’s Cathedral


Building Volkswagen Beetle


Building The Flying Scotsman


Building The Colossus of Rhodes


Building The Mummy


Building The Merlion


Building The 1984 Apple Mac


Building The Trojan Horse


Channel Ten news for Brisbane Wonders of the World!


Channel 7 news at the Brisbane Wonders of the World


Channel 9 News visits Brisbane Wonders of the World


Channel 7 Visits Wonders Melbourne

Big Review TV Visit Wonders Melbourne

Mojo TV Visit Wonders Melbourne





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